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Life Stealer Studio would like to welcome you to our US PoliceRobotFlying hero: Eagle Robot Games game of 2018! Have you everplayedany transforming robot games, realtime games of eagletransform, andother angry eagle transforming robotics game 2018?If not, then getready to play this robotic battle!US Police RobotFlying hero: EagleRobot Games Game Play:The game play of thisPolice Robot EagleTransform: Battle Revolution is very thrillingbecause you’re anamazing police robot and you’ve to fight againstthe incrediblesuperheroes, boxeo robots, cars, tanks andhelicopters in the wholecrime city. Transform yourself into Eaglecop like other mech gamesand robot transformation games. Throwyour speedy combos as eagleRobot on shooting helicopters. USPolice Robot Flying hero: EagleRobot Games Features:* 10 actionpack levels of Eagle transform inair combat.* Enjoy playing Besteagle robot simulator 2018.*Realistic sound effects of Futuristichero of robot games.* Policerobot indulge in city survival rescuemission.* Futuristic HD, 3DGraphics of a real robot. * Experienceamazing police robot intosuper eagle transformation.But now yourgrand city is seized by theenemy tanks, mafia cars, and superheroes and you are the only onepolice robot warrior in the wholegrand city to save the innocentcitizens having world ofwarships!Buckle up for US Police RobotFlying hero: Eagle RobotGames. This futuristic transformation gamewill make you the legendof flying eagle robot simulator 2018. Youas super hero of thisrescue mission will attack the robot cars andreal robots who haveentered survival city creatingdestruction.Activate eagle flightmode and watch the wings comingout. Transform flying robot intorobo eagle that has modern shootingweapon that will destroy robotcars with super strike. Enjoy roboteagle hero transformation intoflying monster. Chase robot enemiescausing destruction infuturistic city & stop them with superstrike.A true US policeflying robot transforming hero knows how tofight against theflying helicopters and mech robot in 2018 withsuper duper strike.Fight in best flying bird eagle game makingyourself as real USpolice cop robot & Warrior of futuristicflying eagletransformation game 2018. In city survival rescuemission you haveto utilize your flying eagle warfare experience tofree urban cityfrom flying robot cops and dragon attack.Will youfight back asmonster hero in the city battle to save humanity? Ifyes, it’s yourtime to show your amazing shooting, boxing, firingand attackingskills by transforming your machine robot into flyingeagle. Youare equipped with weaponised monster trucks which canbetransformed into fighting steel robots by pressingtransformationrobot button.The best eagle games and robottransforming games ishere to play. Survival city got attacked bysuper dragon robotwarrior, flying eagle bird and mech robotcreating chaos anddestruction around. US police cop robot eaglebird gets alert forcity rescue mission in real robot transforminggames. Only a realflying robot eagle robot can fight in this deadlyeagle robottransforming game. Super Robot Warrior transformationinto flyingrobot eagle will help you win real robot transforminggame. A trueUS police flying robot transforming hero knows how tofight againstthe flying dragons and eagle robot in futuristicrobottransformation war 2018 with super duper strike. Fight inbesteagle robot transforming game making yourself as real US policecoprobot of futuristic flying eagle transformation game 2018. Incitysurvival rescue mission you have to utilize your flyingeaglewarfare experience to free city from futuristic enemies inrealrobot transforming gamesWE VALUE YOUR FEEDBACK:

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    June 25, 2018
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Welcome to our Real Superstars wrestling revolution 2k18 anactiongame about Wrestler fight in a big arena. Become adangerouswrestler and do whatever you want in this revolution game.Become acage wrestler champion in this world Superstarswrestlingrevolution 2k18 simulation game like wrestling battle.Survive inthe ring leaving your rivals no chance to win, fightagainst heavyweight wrestlers and level up your wrestling fightskills on thetop level to win the Superstars wrestling revolution2k18 &ultimate fighting Royale championship. Real teamwrestling puts thepower, intensity, and excitement of wrestling inyour device. Jawdropping 3d arena graphics, quick touch controlsand action packedgameplay produce an amazing wrestling fightexperience for cagefight and no mercy fights fan lovers. Beat alltag team championwrestlers in this world cage wrestling competitiongame and becomeuniversal revolutionary of wrestling federation.Excite the crowdwith your wrestling fight style, improve yourfighting skills andbe the best cage wrestler champion in the world.Cage WrestlingRevolution Royale & ultimate fighting mania willgive youaccess to all superstar wrestlers fights in all events ofworldwrestling championship in HD quality game play. A wrestlingmayhemsuperstar career challenges will drive you to take dangerousmovesin the ring. Both modes are available to play for free, withthisoption to upgrade your wrestler to enjoy the royale experiencewithno limits of time or player selection limitations The "Superstarswrestling revolution 2k18 " rumbles into the 3rddimension, whereit now features BOTH aspects of the business in ONEepic universe.A wrestling career challenges you to take shots inthe ring,whereas a "booking" career allows you to call the shotsbackstage -promoting entertaining matches every week for ratings.Seeing eachside of the curtain gives you an even betterappreciation for theother, and ensures you'll never grow bored ofwrestling again! Bothmodes are available to play for free, with theoption to upgrade toenjoy the "Pro" experience with no ads orlimitations.Modes includeDeathmatch (steel cage or barbed wire),MMA rules and no-holdsbarred Gruesome Fighting. Hard-hittingaction, stunning graphics,drama, excitement, new game modes,additional match types, deepcreation capabilities, and everythingyou’ve come to love from freewrestling! The crowds excited withyour real wrestling fight style& the way you use your fists todo some punch boxing, so getset to reveal your fighting skills andtry to become the WorldsGreatest Wrestler.. Try different fightingtechniques of revolutionwrestler and prove to be the best in therumble fighting. RoyaleChampionship 2018 game offers multi fightingexperience to fans inthis action fighting game. Superstars wrestlefight mania &real punching & kicking is the most realisticfightingsimulation game. Defeat the opponents with face punch shots&move quickly in the ring like legend boxer and dodge yourrivalwith your quick left, right sudden robust punch attacks.Superstarswrestling revolution 2k18 delivers adventures challengingrole inthis addictive wrestling game. Fight with using a varietyofrevolutionary tricks such as pins to gain, joint locks,closefighting, throws and take downs. Use your favorite championsand bethe hero.Superstars wrestling revolution 2k18 Features: ◆Realisticcontrols.◆ Amazing HD, 3D Graphics. ◆ Time of traditionalwrestlinggame is over◆ Heavy weight wrestlers around theworldparticipating.◆ Realistic Sound Effects.◆ Super fighteranimationsand ragdoll effects on wrestlers.◆ Player wrestlerequipped withdangerous wrestling moves.WE VALUE YOUR FEEDBACK:.
Incredible Flash hero: Speed hero Flash games 1.1 APK
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Life Stealer Would like to welcome you to our speedster heroflashhero game: Incredible Flash hero: Speed hero Flash games. Inafreak lab accident, forensic scientist Barry was struckbylightning while doused with chemicals giving him the superpowerflash of the Speed hero Force. Now flash hero races upbuildings,across oceans, and around the world at light speed hero,as multispeed hero warrior flash video games. While The Fastest ManAliveflash hero is constantly moving at top speed, his eyes arealwaysfocused on his goal: catching criminals and locking them inprisonstealth mission. in a flash hero multi speed hero! If you arefanof superheroes like spider hero, Dual sword green hero,incrediblemonster or Arrow warrior then you will definitely lovethisspeedster hero flash warrior video game.Incredible Flashhero:Speed hero Flash games Game Play:Gameplay of this ironicmultispeed Lightning hero speed flash hero game is very actionpacked,World best comic evil superheroes are against you and theywant toruin grand city but flash hero have to defend and beat allevilcreatures, transforming robotics and their panther bosses.Thistime you have a great chance to run really fast speed hero.Thismulti speed hero flash superhero is waiting for you! There aresomany enemies and all of them want to kill multi Flashheroincredible legend hero! But, flash hero has a lot of abilitiesthathelp him to survive and protect all of us and vice city. Justbevery attentive and flash hero will cope with it! So, throw allyourproblems away and be the legend hero with Speedster Flashhero:flash video games! As you have already understood, your taskis tosave the world and all people here. Are you ready for such aflashhero challenge way? Then download Multi Flash heroincrediblewarrior game and rescue the planet!Incredible Flash hero:Speedhero Flash games Feature:💥Amusing and gritty visualsoundseffects💥Smooth, easy and addictive gameplay💥Spectacularandchallenging 3D environment for fighting with vice citygangstersand superheroes.💥Amazing flash superhero & gangstersfightingmissions.💥Smooth & easy controls to handle super flashherolegend.💥Amazing weapons for rigorous battle of grand mafia's&superheroes.After witnessing flash hero mother'ssupernaturalmurder, Barry Allen is taken in by Detective Joe Westand hisfamily. Barry flash hero becomes a brilliant speed herobutsocially awkward crime scene investigator for the CentralCityPolice Department. A particle accelerator malfunctions, bathingthecity center with a radiation during a thunderstorm blackzoomflash, and Barry flash hero is struck by lightning. Awakeningaftera coma, flash hero discovers he can move at superhumanspeeds.Barry vows to use his gifts to protect Central Citydepartment. Asthe Flash hero, Barry also pursues his mother'smurderer, theincredible Flash.After Fighting against Mafias,incredible flashhero, superheroes Flash is recognized as CentralCity's monsterhero. However, the event brings a new threat from aparallel earth:Zoom flash hero, a demonic speedster hero who seeksto eliminateall speedsters hero throughout the multiverse speedsterflash.After Zoom fighting flash kills Barry's father, Barry flashherotravels back in time to save his mother's life.IncredibleflashHero is an action-packed adventure game of rope hero in vicetown.Fight like a strange hero, be a legend of heroes andtaggedyourself as flash hero of vice city. Special cyborg robotscops arefighting against you, you are every one's hope and they arecallingyou my big hero, show some stealth mission action for thesurvivalof your country and make it secure. Want to be speedsterorteleporter who can jump from one location to another? downloadthisgame and enjoy multi super powers & fight againstevilcreatures superheroes.Don't forget to leave a review withyourfeedback. :)
wrestling stars in miami beach:wrestling game 1.0 APK
Life Stealer
LIFE STEALER GAMES studio would like to welcome our bestwrestlingstars in miami beach:wrestling game you ever played inyourlife.The fighters are both great warriors in ring but firsttimewrestling competition held on seaside Miami Beach. Youhavedifferent strikes to defeat your opponent. Be careful and hithardto win world beach wrestling revolution 2018. Welcome the worldofbeach wrestling championship together. Many backlashbeachwrestling fighters are joining this world fighting event of2018.You complete your dreams come true to winning the beachwrestling.Set out the trip where you have to face your enemies tosucceedyour goals. Punch in all enemies, kick out all otherwrestlingfighters. Flash into the Miami Beach and become the masterof worldwrestling champion. Refined animation and stunning 3dgraphicsbring the real wrestling karate experience in your hand,whileintuitive touchscreen controls make jab, hook, and uppercutfeelnatural and fun. Go toe-to-toe against 30+ bone crushingfightersfrom Bangkok, Thailand, china, japan, and Singapore. Usequickreflexes and special moves, unleash fierce punches and combos,beatall opponents and become the king of kung fu karatechampionnow...Game Play:Play the most epic and realisticWrestlingChampionship action simulation game. This is thewrestlerssuperstar revolution of 2018 for kick boxing gamesfanatics. Sotrain yourself hard as a professional to prove yourextremestrength as wrestling champion of the ring. Wrestlingmegastarchampionship challenge will drive you to take dangerousshots inthe superstar ring arena. Become universal champion ofwrestlingchampionship after beating all wrestlers in thisfightinggame.Enthuse the mob with your fighting styles & kickboxingactions. Beat all wrestling championship wrestlers in thisultimaterivalry game of superstar revolution fighter and becomechampion offighting arena and win warrior legacy. Wrestlingchampionship isthe realistic combat sports game involving wrestlingtechniques.Step into the court and immerse yourself in wrestlingstars inmiami beach:wrestling game.Deadly beach fighting 3d game isone ofthe best and advance surly brilliance 3d combat wrestlingfightgame of this 2018 era. Lethal beach fights hasmagnificencegraphics than any other combat, martial art or karatefightingcombo, beach wrestling game, originates with best visualand soundeffects. Combat fighting action pack with different 3dcharacterwith different fighting styles like karate, mortal combat,boxing,martial arts and many more. The wrestling stars game offersyou toexplore the new combo technique utilized the in the ring.Join thebeach wrestling fights to discover and invent the realchallenging& unbreakable fighting skills,cattle shoot and usethem in thereal world wrestling. The different real super heroes’charactersare added form the different action movies to double thefun ofthis one on one fight. The super stars fighting game is anultimateaddition to beach fighting games 2018 due to its ultra-highqualitygraphics and stunning beach fighting animations.Fight usingavariety of revolution facing type techniques such asclosefighting, joint locks, pins to gain, throws and take downs,usedifferent fighting techniques like Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Mixmartialarts MMA, Karate, taekwondo and uphold a wrestlingsuperstarposition against your wrestling ring opponentsBestofLuck!wrestling stars in miami beach:wrestling gameFeatures:•Multiple New Super Wrestling Star Champions Added In theGame•Multiple Combos with Advance New Fighting Techniques• FightagainstStrongest Wrestler Fighters and Become World Beach WrestlemaniaChampion• Different challenges..• Stunning locations.•Multiplechallenges.• Realistic 3D graphics.• Special Moves likeThrowingEnemy, Kick & Punch Combos.• Difficult levels andstages tocomplete.
Monster Spider Jail Survival: Prison Escaped Game 1.0 APK
Life Stealer
Monster Spider Jail Survival: Prison Escaped GameWelcome totheMonster Spider Jail Survival: Prison Escaped Game and fpsshootinggame which is full of adventure game. Are you ready toperform as aflying super spider hero in such a prison jail breakstealthmission game? You might have played prison escape games butyoumust play this stealth mission game because you have neverseenspider hero as a jail survival flying hero in any prisonescapegame with incredible combat skills.Gangster spider Monsterherosent to death jail row due to a conspiracy and the only way tosaveyourself is to break out the prison from inside. Befriendswithother monster hero to get prison escape help, fight withothercrime gangsters to gain respect, or just dig an escapetunnelunderneath the prison cell. It’s all you call!Play the roleof amonster spider hero special agent spy intelligence who on arescuemission was captured by the enemy special forces. As a secretagentflying spider monster hero you were on a special secretmission,serving your country like a true flying spider monster herobutunfortunately the enemy special forces somehow managed tocapture& put you in prison jail. A maximum security prison justlikeAlcatraz. Putting you in a jail cell Alcatraz & making youaprisoner is not good. You are a monster spider hero specialagentspy intelligence trained in stealth mission games, hand tohandcombat fighting, spying, melee weapons & gun shooting. Youhaveall the skills required to break out of a prison escape likethis.This jail Alcatraz can’t keep you away from your freedom.Becareful while performing breathtaking escape mission fromjailbecause wardens are continuously patrolling in jail’s corridor.Youwere most intelligent & well-trained lock hacker in yourtimeso don’t get caught by guards.Gangster spiders, mafia heroandspider superheroes get escape from the spider world jail withjailbreakout they get start to tease the innocent citizens inthefuturistic city. Jump into Russian submarine of sea prisonescapegames and jail prison stealth mission games, use yourmonsterspider legends skills for flying monster prison escape andkeepyour stealth mode on for flying monster spider hero prisonbreak.It’s best for prison escape kids games with highly securitylockupunder the deep sea survival mission with lots of guardsequippedwith machine guns, unseen in jail security games. Policehave noidea about the capability of inhuman flying monster spiderheromighty monster powers; escape the prison jail and finish everyUScop that comes in your way in this finest of incrediblemonsterSpider jail escape prison games. Break the jail with yourmuscularmonster spider arms and flee the crime scene of dragonmonsterspider police fighting games. Escape jail like a legend hascutlose, let it be a fearless supernatural escape mission inthisgreatest of police crime games. It is either jail prison runorarmy prisoner stealth mission! This fps action survival gamehasflavor of army helicopter games , stealth mission games andarmytank games. Break prison escape helicopter Dodge armytanksimulator, do not shy from army tank battle army chase inthemagnificent incredible monster spider city hero actiongames.Create mayhem in lockdown games, become the best in break outofjail escape games. Can you Escape this prison? Enjoy magnificentofescape action games as big escape hero. Plan a best prisonjailadventure escape plan in this monster hero flying spiderescapeMonster Spider Jail Survival: Prison Escaped Game and killallprisoner rivals with shooting in this jail escape as anincrediblemonster spider hero and police cops that come in the wayof yourstealth escape as a cops n robbers - prison. WE VALUEYOURFEEDBACK:Monster Spider Jail Survival: Prison Escaped Game willbeupdated soon according to your suggestions. Don't forget to leaveareview with your feedback.
Dinosaur Jurassic World Simulator: Stealth Mission 1.0 APK
Life Stealer
We are very excited to welcome you to our Dinosaur JurassicWorldSimulator: Stealth Mission game 2018! This Jurassic dinosaurworldis a unique simulation, where you have to survive in thecriticalsituation with your girlfriend. The wild dinosaurs Jurassicworldsimulator are ready to attack on you, don’t become the victimofthe Dino attack they will tor you into pieces in such dinosimstealth mission.Dinosaur Jurassic World Simulator: StealthMissionGame Play:* You’ve to search for safe place at offroad andsaveyourself from angry dinosaurs.* Speed up your sports carfromdinosaur and find another car if you’re attacked by dino questinWorld Survival.* Run from source point and afterpickingcheckpoints, reach at destination on time.* You can also runforoffroad survival from dinosaur attack.* Game willbringbreath-taking mission after mission of super survival run.*Collectmore checkpoints to get switch to next level of wildsimulatorgame.Dinosaur Jurassic World Simulator: Stealth MissionFeatures:*Choose your powerful sports cars to play with.*Futuristic offroadenvironment and thrilling missions.* Smoothcontrols and differentcamera angles.* Save yourself as well as yourgirlfriend too fromthe dinosaurs.* Insane speed of luxury sportscars as dino racers.*Dangerous wild attack of the dinosaurs.Youshould be very excitedto play this dinosaur survival game becausethis is not like otheranimal attacks and dino of zoo game. However,it’s very dangerousstory of dino dash & real dinosaur adventurein mountain areawith attack of beast also.Once you travelled insummer vacations tohave picnic at mountain area of Jurassic worldand you had hikingand other offroad enjoyable drifting of sportscar with all of yourfriends. While doing these type of stunts carand drifting of cars,unfortunately you entered into the big worldof dinosaurs adventureworld and they just saw you with your speedycar.Now they’ll neverlet you go and Dinosaurs are very hungry asbloodthirsty. But youdon’t get worry because you had experienced ofvery fast speeddriving on offroad driving and you just entered intoyour sportscar and tilt pedal on race to save your life fromdinocreatures.Now it’s your time to save yourself formdinosaursurvival hunter and drive fast as much as you can in prosurvivalworld with battle of Jurassic dinosaurs. Show your fastspeeddriving car and keep yourself safe in mortal arena of destroytheJurassic world. Accelerate in high speed to avoid dino attackandperform insane car stunts in Dinosaur Jurassic WorldSimulator:Stealth Mission. Jump on bumpy road while driving throughdinosaurtraffic in dino attack race championship. Crazy car attackrace,use nitrous to give a speed boost to your 4x4 car. PradoracingRally offroad racing game, drive your road racing speedstersportscar as ultimate racer. A vigorous dinosaur war, tellinghundreds ofmillions of years of glorious in Mesozoic! DinosaurJurassic worldsimulator is a fantastic strategy game in which youwill play therole of the life savior. This is not a simple connectzombie, armyshooting game kongregate, this is a archer gladiatorfrontlinedinosaur game target and you have to give death to eachand everyone dinosaurs in the field conscience. Hunt or be hunted!Embark onthe dinosaur hunting expedition of a lifetime to kill theultimategame in Dinosaur Jurassic world simulation. WE VALUEYOURFEEDBACK:Dinosaur Jurassic World Simulator: Stealth Missionwill beupdated according to your suggestions. Don't forget to leaveareview with your feedback.
world wrestling mania:gym fight club 2018 1.0 APK
Life Stealer
World Wrestling Mania: Gym Fight Club 2018A wrestling royalrumblecareer challenges you to take shots in the virtual gymringfighting. Play through epic matches between Legends and smackDownSuperstars to determine the greatest of all time Wrestler,eachsmack down wrestler with their own Signature super Moves andSuperSpecials. It is time for wrestling death match in a cagewrestlingring virtual gym fighting. Get ready for extreme tagwrestlinggames combined with karate fighting games in virtual gym.Wrestlingcard games and cage wrestling games loved by every prowrestlinglover and this cage wrestling game give a chance to themto havemost customization of real wrestlers in virtual gym. Becometheundisputed universal champion of free wrestling after beatingalltag team champion wrestlers in the world. The crowds excitedwithyour real wrestling fight style & the way you use yourfists todo some punch boxing, so get set to reveal you’re fightingskillsin smack down wrestling and try to become the WorldGreatestWrestler in virtual gym. Create your own superstar wrestlerandembark on an endless smack down wrestling career fullofpossibilities, as you attempt to make the right moves backstageaswell as in the wrestling ring battle. So, don’t sit back andstarta world revolution by acquiring right fighting skills in thearenaand get a name for yourself as the most feared AMAZING fighterofall time with hundreds of titles behind his legacy ofworldwrestling game.Your dream rivalries are happening liveinChampions, the free action puzzle RPG game that pits the sgreatestSuperstars of all time and today against each other in theultimatequest for stardom. Send your wrestling team into a ring totestyour fighting skills. Win, and your champions will live onasimmortals wrestling revolution. Lose, and face defeat atyouropponent’s hands. Team up with other fans to battle forreputation,power and bragging rights in Champions game.Does yourwrestler playto the crowd, or play dirty in royal rumble? Fightusing a varietyof revolutionary tricks such as pins to gain, jointlocks, closefighting, throws and take downs. Use different freewrestlingfighting royal rumble techniques like kung fu, muaythai,taekwondo, mix martial arts, Karate and go head on headagainstyour ring rivals in this sports games. Get access to bestinstantweightloss workout fitness game! Follow your personal gymtrainerpro instructions to tone your fat boy into body builder anddailyworkout for perfects abs fitness challenge 🏆with nutritiontips andmeal planner.Try different fighting techniques ofrevolutionwrestler and prove to be the best in the cage fighting.Thiswrestling and boxing game has rules that none of ringfightinggames has which is real wrestling fight rules in the cage.Buildyour defense with your favorite speedster Superstars andChallengeyour friends in Versus Mode. Take your experience to thenext levelby adding additional Legends and Superstars to yourteam.As a fullyplayable wrestling management sim, it's also yourresponsibility toput the right person over in the right way at theright time formaximum impact! Beat all tag team champion wrestlersin this worldwrestling competition game and become universalchampion ofwrestling federation.World Wrestling Mania: Gym FightClub 2018FEATURES:Multiple male and female wrestlers.Differentfightingstyles including Taekwondo, karate, Kung Fu &Boxing.Super& Ultimate wrestling knockout mode.• Real WorldWrestlers &Boxers battle it out with Choke Slam, Drop Kick, LegSlam• Heavyweight champions to battle it out in the ring in freewrestling•Become Wrestling All Time Legends
Scary Clown World Wrestling Champion 1.0 APK
Life Stealer
Have you ever played any ring battle simulator or other superherowrestling games? Welcome to the Scary Clown WorldWrestlingChampion which involves the futuristic ring battleenvironment withincredible immortal hero, real battle simulator,joker clown andhumanoid players also.Scary Clown World WrestlingChampion GamePlay:The game play of this Scary Clown Ring Fightingis full actionpack fighting game and your character can be animmortal hero,boxeo robot or it can be humanoid. The mostdevastating factor youwould like a lot is that after launching thisring battle game, ourfighting player and enemy side’s player bothcan be sameimmediately while fighting same as other superhero vssuperhero& super boxing.Scary Clown World Wrestling ChampionFeatures:*Futuristic ring battle arena with Immortal heroes.* 3Dphysics andrealistic Immortal hero fighting and super herofighters.* Multiplelevels with high powerful combats of hard timeof real battlesimulator.* Selection from multiple joker heroes,boxeo robots andmutant power heroes.* Awesome sound effects andbackground music toenjoy in Immortal defense and boxer simulator.*Enjoy action packedPunches, kicks, Cross Punch and wrestling2018.Now it’s time toparticipate in the world wrestlingchampionship fighting contestwith joker clowns, defeat all youropponents and win the universalchampionship, world best championsare in your way to playing worldwrestling tournament. Experiencethe real fighting simulation gameof criminal clown and enhance yourkick fighting skills.If you haveinterest in ring battle fighting,super hero fighters, incrediblehero boxing championship, ultimatewrestling, superhero vssuperhero, 3D ring simulator, thrill ofbattle games then thisScary Clown Ring Fighting simulator game 2018is just made foryou.Like the crazy clown you are, run after thecivilian like akiller clown to do the job! Because it’s time for aclown horrorfighting! It’s going to get spooky and fearful! Prepareyour scaryclown gangster attack to sabotage the civilian as otherwrestlegames!If you want to have wrestling & fighting in yourreallife as a boxing simulator then this ring fighting like otherfightgames will be very helpful for you to prove yourself in yourreallife just like other superhero vs superhero boxer simulator.Let'sstep into the world wrestling ring and dunk yourself withplayingthis joker clown team wrestling game. Scary Joker ClownRingFighting is the ultimate fighting game to features all ofyourfavourite wrestling champion stars 2018.You can select boxeorobot,boxing hero, immortal hero and humanoid hero in thisboxingchampion’s revolution game and you just have to focus onthecombats of the boxeo robots, heroes’ arena and otherimmortaldefense like other fighting games of scary clowns 2018.Inhard timeof ring battle arena, heroes arena and thrill of battle,you arerepresenting your country as a boxing simulator and you aretheonly one Immortal scary clown hero who can give victory tohisfuturistic city in real boxing same as other fighting games2018.People around the ring battle tap are just calling you as asuperhero and wrestle jump of all the time. It’s actually animmortaljoker hero vs immortal clown hero and boxing herorevolution game.You would not get bored after having experience ofthis ring battlearena and real boxing game.You might have playedmany joker clowngames like boxing champions, super heroes fighting,real battlesimulator, heroes’ arena, humanoid fighting, superboxing, crimecity ring arena, scary clown hero and other boxeorobots fighting& wrestling games but this Clown Ring Fighting2018 will offeryou immortal wrestling mania of joker heroes likewrestle games!WEVALUE YOUR FEEDBACK:Scary Clown World WrestlingChampion will beupdated according to your suggestions. Don't forgetto leave areview with your feedback.
Modern Highway:Crossing Simulator 1.0 APK
Life Stealer
(Life Stealer Studio) would like to welcome you to ourModernHighway:Crossing Simulator game 2018! This simulator game ofroadcrossing is specially developed for the fans who have addictionofHighway Crossing, dodge traffic, and other crossy city highwayRoadgames mania. Get ready to become the master of racing cardrivingand as well as futuristic city road crossingtricks.ModernHighway:Crossing Simulator Game Play:* Your sports carhas beenpunctured on the grand city road and save yourself fromheavytraffic coming from both sides on highway road.* Tyre Punctureshopis on the other side of the heavy traffic road. Cross thebumpyroad and get the tyre puncture worker from shop near to yourcarand save yourself from heavy traffic of cargo trucks andsportscity cars.* Different levels have different impossiblemissions.Petrol in your racing car has been finished. You’ve to getthe canof bottle with full of petrol from petrol pump onthe otherside ofthe grand city road & to fill up your racing car.* Gamewillbring mission after mission of city road crossing for thereason ofcarmechanical problem also.* Cross the highway road anddopurchasing form city mart.* Your city sports car has beendestroyedin an accident and now cross the city roadto buy newracing carfrom show room located on the other side of the NewYorkCity road.Again become master of road crossingsimulator.ModernHighway:Crossing Simulator Features:* 5 amazinglevels of city roadcrossing with impossible challenges.* Smoothcontrol of sports carand then become master of road crossing manand pedestrians.*Difficult to control your sports car while in tyrepuncture.*Breathtaking HD graphics to highlight details of caraccident.*Realistic crossing the road environment. * High qualitysoundeffects of car hit.You’re the champion of sports car &youalways take part in each competition of car racing, cardrifting,and other car stunts games. You are highly trained riderof sportscar and you have defeated much more other city car ridersincompetition with you.But this time you should be very excitedtoplay the role of road crossing expert and also driving ofcitysports cars. You were going in the championship league ofcarracing and car drifting and on the way near to New YorkHighway,your car got punctured and now you were looking for tyrerepairingshop.You found the puncture shop on the other side of thehighwaycity road. But the problem is that how to cross the cityroadbecause there is no bridge and other underpass for you toeasilycross the road. You can’t move your city car because you’retheonly one racer and there is no one drift master to help youout.Take puncture repairing master with you near to your racingcar.Now save yourself from both side heavy traffic and reachatdestination shop to clear the mission of crossing highwayroad.Keepyour mind alert at all times as this tricky Crossy cityroad gameis filled with surprises. Dodge traffic carefully as youdon’t knowwhat is coming ahead of you, there will be speeding cars,trucksand even bullet trains. Avoid car crash while Crossing roador elseit will result in game over. We know you will have anamazing timewhile playing this one of the best Highway simulatorcrossinggames.If you like car drifting games and car riding withstuntsmania games then this winter game is only for you withawesomechallenges of car driving, road crossing and amazing roadvehicles.So what are you waiting for? Grab this latest addition ofRoadcrossing games to get the whole new experience of speedsterheroHighway simulator.WE VALUE YOUR FEEDBACK:ModernHighway:CrossingSimulator will be updated according to yoursuggestions. Don'tforget to leave a review with your feedback.