1.1 / August 24, 2016
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This game is about a train that has to work hard to take a survivalat the track. On the same track there are many other trains are inthe process of survival their survival depends upon your death. Youjust have to collect those blocks to increase the length of thetrain. These blocks are just waiting for your command just give acommand and save the life of this game from the other trains, Youare under the process of the evolution just go through it and enjoythe travels.

App Information Train Battles Online

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    Train Battles Online
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    August 24, 2016
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    Sablo (Blocky World)
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    Office # 1, 2nd Floor, IT Tower, 73E1 Hali road Gulberg 3, Lahore Pakistan
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Here comes the season of kite flying.One who do not know how to flykite can experience kite flying in virtual dynamic environment.Tapon the patang and become flying king by competing with otherpatangs in kyte battle. You have to to save yourself from walls anddifferent kites in environment while it moves at constant speed inupward direction.The goal of the game is to advance your patang asfar as possible by controlling it left and right to save yourselffrom other kites in kite battle.In the virtual sky you will tapkite left and right to proceed and will get diamonds to unlock morekites.As far as you proceed you will find thread which will giveyou length to go upward and if your thread finished your game willcome to an end.Your main target is to proceed as far as you can inthe sky and to protect your patang from other patangs. Collectdiamonds to unlock different kites and get the thread for yoursurvival.It is good & clean infinite gaming fun without anylengthy tutorials,or levels to be achieved.It is an implicit worldof kytes to play who wants to be a kite flyer can enjoy thisgame.Tap play fly high and enjoy kite festival!Features• Simple inplaying• Different type of kites• Dynamic environment• Amazinggraphics
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Train Battles Online 1.1 APK
This game is about a train that has to work hard to take a survivalat the track. On the same track there are many other trains are inthe process of survival their survival depends upon your death. Youjust have to collect those blocks to increase the length of thetrain. These blocks are just waiting for your command just give acommand and save the life of this game from the other trains, Youare under the process of the evolution just go through it and enjoythe travels.
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With this princess house cleanup game you can have fun cleaning upyour princess’s room or her castle ready for her return fromabroad. By playing this bed room cleaning you will surely have agreat time. Here in this cleanup princess room you have to choosethe items from different categories to set in the princess room. Weassure you that with this game you are going to enter amulticolored world where you have to set the interior and exteriorin the castle cleanup. This kitchen cleanup is a completely funoriented game which is full of colors and enjoyment. Your job isquite easy in clean princess furniture where you need to followproper sequence to arrange the household items. The time will begiven and you have to complete each level of cute princess housecleanup in that given time period. Just download doll housedecoration and enjoy the cleanup challenge!The story of doll housedecoration revolves around the idea of home cleanup. The princesshas to go on the visit of other countries and now she ordered hermaids to clear the mess of the house. Here you are going to enjoythe fun of cleanup sofas, chairs, beds, wardrobes, dresses,furniture and much more. The objects are lying here and there andthe duty is assigned to you in this cute princess house cleanup tomake the arrangement of these things. The first level of cleanprincess furniture is unlocked for you and for the rest of thelevels you have to clear the first level. You have to set minimum10 objects in each room in old house repairing. You have to set thebed room, kitchen, washroom and drawing room in floor sweeping. Thefirst place which you are going to clear of house wall cleanup isbed room. First task is to clear the objects and then followclearing processes. The first step of princess clothes cleanup isto use vacuum on carpet. The next step of cleaning game is to cleanthe zinc spot with spray bottles. Then you need to paint defectivearea on wall of bathroom cleanup with this step you ended the room1mess in cleanup game .Now you can change the interior of this placein castle cleanup. You can move towards the washroom cleanup. Thenfollow the certain steps and place the objects of this room .Sameall these steps you have to do in drawing room and kitchen of dollhouse. Then comes the turn of play ground. Now you need to cut thedamaged leave with scissors in courtyard cleaning. Then clean grasswith brush here you are going to enjoy the greenery of the grass indoll house. Do the watering of the plants and enjoy the cool breezewhile playing this step in princess house cleanupPrincess HouseCleanup Features:★ Play our cleanup princess kitchen for FREE onany Android device★ Many hours of free fun of old house repairing★Enjoy super immersive environment and realistic sound effects.★Finish all levels, with different objectives and challenges. ★Realistic environment and amazing graphics of cleanup games★Addictive and easy game play of slide doll house decorationDownloadand play this castle cleanup and have fun!Do not forget to rate usor give us feedback!
Idle Army Tycoon APK
Idle army tycoon is an army hero and army tapper game where youwillclick for coins and upgrade by tap. Military clicker armybattle isidle economy booster game in which we ranks up armysoldiers andrank up coins then earn millions, billions,quintillions andoctodecillions. Clicking war is unique kingdomattack game of loadof army for troops tap. You will earn coins andthen unlock forcescommando and will do country attack. Forcesstrike in idle soldier’sgame is modern military commando training.To become an idle squadtycoon and idle combat tycoon enjoy worldwar country attack. Unlockall countries as encounter tycoon andboost your idle economy inmillions, billions, quintillions andoctodecillions. After coinscollection upgrade military troops andmilitary weapons forcompletion of military war in army mission.Fight endless and defendyour country after hiring the army manger.In Idle business tap forcoins and become stronger and stronger,boosts economy and of armysoldiers. Keep clicking continue andjust tab to hire army managerfor soldiers training and coincollection. Defeat world distinctkingdoms army mission andexplores idle army tycoon power promotearmy weapons, solider, andattack worldwide. Idle army tycoon haseverything you’d imagineafter a clicker, tapping, upgrades,successes, collectables coins.Idle Army Tycoon Features: ★ Yourarmies troops boost will economy★ Upgrade army soldiers and weapons★ By taping you will be unlock,upgrade and rank up game. ★ Clickingand tabbing is amazing taskfor economy stronger. ★ Become an idlearmy tycoon and earnmillions, billions, quintillions and sextillion★ Increase theperformance of your troops by tab and ★ Promote yoursquads forbattling don,t forget to download and install Idle ArmyTycooncreated by Sablo Blocky World.your feedback is valuable forus.
Paintball Shooter 1.03 APK
Paintball shooting combat commando is an incredible boldnesschallenger shoot color war. Defeat the enemies, and enjoy shootingaction 3d game of paintball combat world sports as paintballlegendary. Paintball 3d shooting game is an amazing battle fieldfight game to learn how to fighting paintball splashed. Build yourfighting skills as expert paintball shooter hero. This epic paintballs color guns war royal shooter battlefield where ultimatepaintball shooting arena and real battle field battle gives us theextreme paintball gun fire experience. Paintball shooter 3dbattlefield is best thrilling casual fps real painting gun gamethat will indicate if you are in danger zone shooter actions.Multiple warrior weapons use in paintball shooting game likePaintball machine guns, shotguns, sniper paintball and assaultrifles color sparkler. Unlock new fighting arena in real paintballgame where players defeat with paintball gunner enemies withdemolish the paintings strike missions. Kids’ paintball shootingarena and extreme battle army commando strike paint ball shooter istop paint shooting style game and extremely enjoyable game play.Load guns quickly into the fight and attack toward your enemies bywinning war. Paintball war is royal ball gun battle competitivePaintball shooting adventures in which players eliminate rivals byhitting with paintball series, assault rifles color filled paintand jelly paint ball. Paintball shooting game has cutting-edge gunsfighting and shooting squads. Paintball fire gun is wonderful firstperson shooting painting ball pellets and color splash 3d game.Don.t forget to download and install Paintball shooter 3d arenafighting game created by Sablo World. your paintball shooter gamesfeedback is valuable for us.
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Get your jumping rope and download Jump Rope game? It cantallyoverall jumps in the Jump Rope game. You will outfit sequencesandbecome the supreme rope jump. We see that several of the jumpropeskip game require interval training, there are multiple ropesforjumping. Jump Rope skip game has the goal of jumping workoutandexercise. Jump rope skip counter is turn by way of controlforcounting Jump Rope in a sequence timer and automatically keepsyourjumps in Jump Rope 2d skipping and jumping game. Jumpropeexercises are unique methods to become fit, get entertainmentandstaying healthy. Jumping Rope is finest gymnastics jump ropeforlittle girls skipping rope game in USA. Jump Rope hasstunning,sparkling musical aerobics outfits rope jumping exercise.Jump RopeSimulator has amazing competitions on jumping rope tobecome thechampion. Jump Rope is grand jumping game where you willjumpsthrough the rope with a single tap. It is time pass game,whererope gets faster to annoy and inequality the jumper onamazingjumping platform. Jumping rope game provides real-timeinformationof your jumping. Jump Rope has multiple features: • Itcounts allyour jumps by Jump counter • Jumped time start just bysingle tap •Jump speed depend on you playing level • Amazingenvironment inrope skip simulator • Different type of character in• Improvedropes for jumping • Real-time audio reaction