Top 49 Games Similar to Gundam Build Fighters Games

Robot Warrior 1.0.6
OOO Record
Robot Warrior is the best adventure robot game on mobile superskilland weapon. We are so happy to welcome a million of playersenjoyour game.Robot Warrior is designed in a very easy game playwhatmake player become a super robot fighting who own many superskillsand weapon. The weapon will fire auto in the case you havetocontrol the super skills base on the power level and power line.Notjust an robot adventure games, it ‘s also a robot fightinggames foranyone.Robot games with very easy way to play like thiswill helpyou kill time and may take more time to get over manybosses. Thebosses in each stage is strong and stronger in highlevel. But youjust need to improve the weapon level and increasethe power level,it will help you a lot to complete you mission.HOWTO PLAYOur gamesrequire you use 2 fingers at least to play thegame, left fingerwill control the robot fly and the right fingerwill touch to usesuper skills in right corner. Each super skillneed to spend anumber of power in power line and you can’t firethe super skill ifnot enough power.The armor and the weapon typecan be improved andupgraded in store screen. You can change therobot hero to play gamewith different super skills and power. Sothat if you think youcan’t get over the stage with your currentpower you can upgrade itanytime in store.Every stage will take youaround 60 seconds beforeyou can meet the boss and fight with boss.The battle between youand boss will take time and you will getmuch reward if youwin.FEATURES- Easy to play- Cool graphic anddesign- Full upgradefeature- Many character support- Many stageand boss- A lot of robotform and skills- Many background music andbackground stage- Easy toshare and invite friends to play- Supportupgrade power and health-Easy to earn coins and free coins ingamesWeb:
Gundam Robot Bounty Fighter Games 1.0.0
***Enjoy the games new forms of Gundam RobotBountyFighterGames.Gundam Jigsaw Puzzles is the largest jigsawpuzzlegame andcommunity online, new free daily jigsaws andphotoscurated***Features***- Create puzzle with your own pictureandshare withfriends or with the Jigsaw Puzzles community!- Workonmore thanone puzzle at a time and see your progress.- Previewthefinishedpuzzle to help you solve it.- Rotation mode forgreaterchallenge!Move pieces in groups!- Take part in weeklytournamentsand games!Compete with your friends!- Simple controlsmake it easyto solvepuzzles!- Fun rebuses and cute jigsaws for bothadultsandkids!*******************************************************************************Thanksforallthe votes and comments.
Robo Two 1.10
Sponge Mobile
A new concept robot RPG !! Defeat alien robots to invadetheearth!!! Make and fuse robots in the base to save theplanetand create a more powerful robots! When you are down,there isno longer hope in this world! If you do not haveenoughtime,then auto battle!If you want more thrills andefficiency,control by yourself! A fierce fight on Boss Raidwith yourfriends!Let's check how am I strong in PvP with otherusers!If theblanker to greater rewards as a bonus!PlayRoboTwo for simpleoperation and great fun! Please!!!
Bubble shooter island - Pop, Blast & puzzle game 1.0.0
Game bubble is quite familiar to gamers by game Fun, populargameishighly entertaining and is loved by many people and was votedasthebest entertainment game today.With the enthusiasm ofthegamemakers, we have released a version of the latestshootingoranother name Bubble shooter island - Pop, Blast&puzzle.GameBubble shooter island - Pop, Blast & puzzle isanaddictivebrain game that draws the attention of the game tothelimitednumber of bubbles on each and every step of thechallenge.Play thegame to discover the world of colorful magicballoons withmanylevels of fun. You smash all the balls to unlockunique bonusesandpower-ups to get closertowinning!********************Features:✔With 300 challenginglevelsand comfortable exploring the bubbleworld.✔ Deluxe sound,greatfull HD graphics, vivid imagesespecially with burst bubbles✔3bubble pop modes will bring youamazing experiences✔ Gamebubbleruns smoothly on all mobiledevices✔ Easy-to-playentertainment,suitable for all ages✔ At eachlevel there will besomedifficulties, try to use the toolstohelpeffectively.********************An intellectual game isnotgoingto be a smart choice for entertainment, but if it'sasmallchallenge with your friends, it's not a bad idea. PlayagameBubble shooter island - Pop, Blast & puzzle withyourfriendsand compare the high and low with the score you get!Gamebubblecan be played anywhere and anytime! Do not care whetheryouhavewifi or games that do not require you to be online. Youcanplay iton the street, in the plane, in the machine ...evenwherever youwantRight now, download and install our Bubbleshooterisland -Pop, Blast & puzzle to enjoy all your fun!
June's Journey - Hidden Object 1.27.7
*A hidden object game for story lovers everywhere!* DiscoverJune’sJourney, the brand new hidden object game from the makersofPearl’s Peril. Find hidden clues and solve exciting puzzlesacrossbeautiful locations that draw you right into the heart ofthemystery! Surprises at every turn, stunning hand-drawn scenes,and acast of glamorous characters await you in a globetrottingstorygame. From the heart of 1920s America to the perfect style ofParisand beyond, enjoy a story unlike anything you’ve seen before.Withevery new chapter, you’ll sink into a world of thrillingmysteryand exciting drama in a story to take you around the world.Take abreak from the stresses of life, and dive into a mystery gamelikeno other. *Get Ready for the Holidays with Google Play'sFestiveUpdates!* TIS THE SEASON - Do you hear sleigh bells? Thewinterseason is upon us with our festive new seasonal set andthat's notall — celebrate the winter holidays with a merry varietyof newsnowy sceneries. June and her friends can't wait to see yourislanddecked with holiday cheer! *MORE THAN JUST A MYSTERY!* FROMTHEMAKERS OF PEARL’S PERIL – The follow-up to the hit hiddenobjectgame played by over 90 million fans THRILLING PUZZLES –Hiddenobject scenes, jigsaw puzzles and loads of exciting modes.Which isyour favourite? MODERN WOMEN – Join June, a braveadventurer in amystery game you’ll love TRAVEL THE WORLD – See someof the mostbeautiful places in the world, all lovingly handcaptured from the1920s ALL-NEW EPISODES – Just like your favouriteTV series, lookforward to a new mystery in each new chapter HUGECAST – Loseyourself in the wild and wonderful characters of June'sJourney,but watch your every step! Opening with themysteriousdisappearance of her sister, June must take her orphanednieceunder her wing. Together, they get drawn into a mysterygreaterthan anyone ever expected. Can you uncover the real secretbehindJune’s Journey? Discover the follow-up to the smash hithiddenobject game, Pearl’s Peril, and uncover June’s Journeytoday!---------------------------------------------------------------Visitus at Like us on: June’sJourneyis free to download and play, but it also allows you topurchasevirtual items with real money inside the game. You candisablein-app purchases in your device’s settings. You may requireanInternet connection to play June’s Journey and access itssocialfeatures. June’s Journey may also contain advertising. TermsofUse: PrivacyPolicy:
Star Legends (Dreamsky)3D PVP 1.1.5
DreamSky Ltd
Dreamsky Games,Just be Happy! [Game Introduction] The brandnewMecha style ARPG game that created by top R&Dteam.Thecombination of high-end 3D engine technology and westernartmasters' works, let you experience the future ScienceFictionWorld. The fate of the earth in your hands, build MechasLegions tosweep out the starcraft invaders, spreading the war tothe end ofthe universe! [Game Features] ——Dozens of awesome Mechas-Heroesincarnated into Mechas, cutting the enemies intopieces!——Personalized Mechas assembly- Upgrade and strengthencomponentsto create exclusive Mechas! ——Various Mechas attributes-Collectdifferent attribute Mechas to arrange multipleformations!——Unobstructed view combat- Free full vision combatbrings youreal-time broken screen combos! ——Group battle- JoinMecha Legionsto smash Aliens together! ——Form of giant BOSS- Crossserver to actgiant BOSS, matching real players in 1V5 mode! Anyquestions Pleasevisit our Facebook: Star Legends - Robot WarsService Email:[email protected] Dreamsky Games: Just be Happy!
Destroy Gunners Σ 1.02
The newest game in the highly popular "Destroy Gunners" series of3Daction shooting games, with over 6,000,000 downloadsworldwide.(Thefifth of the series)Nurture bonds with your comradesand fight forsurvival!Use many different weapons with yourmech.Challengemissions, smash enemies and tackle hugebosses.Intuitive touchcontrols make the game easy to enjoy.Thisgame also introduces astrategic map, allowing players to captureterritory and expandtheir area of influence.The game blends actionand strategy for anew kind of gameplay.Also,introducinglong-awaited social networkingservice components.Players canassign their registered friends'mechs as wingman.Your friends'mechs can go with and help you onspecial missions such as bossbattles, and can even give you specialparts.This cooperation makescapturing territory moreexciting![Note]・This game needs to connectto the server.  The firstload may take a little while.[SYSTEMREQUIREMENTS]・Required OS: overAndroid 4.03
Sugar Crush 1.2.2
Play and enjoy Sugar Crush- the brand-new match 3 game thatwillgive you hours and hours of endless candy matching fun! It’steatime in the match 3 land! Start your sweet adventure today,swipeand match yummy candies to create crispy explosions and unwrapcoolrewards and boosters. Take on this exciting puzzle adventureandexplore thousands of delightful levels filled with funboosts,colorful graphics and plenty of treats to satisfy your sweettooth!Exercise your brain with plenty of fun BRAIN TEASERS!Fan ofpuzzlematching games? Big fan of candy treats, cookies, gummy andcakes?Try out the awesome Sugar Crush game, tap on the screen toswaptasty candy drops, overcome all the obstacles on your journeyandcomplete levels. Make sure not to miss out the DAILY BONUS-spinthe wheel and win great rewards! FEATURES * Thousands oflevelsfilled with sweet candy, biscuits, and chocolate. * Tastymatchesand super sweet combos!* Solve challenging puzzles tounravel moreexciting levels. * Invite your friends and family tojoin the fun.* Match and discover delightful candy drops. *Never-ending match 3puzzles!* Suitable for all ages to play andenjoy.* Practice yourcolor-matching skills, create awesomecombinations and winbig!CRUNCHY MATCHES! Swap delicious candy inthis fun puzzle game.Always have a good look for betteralternatives before randomlycombining the candy drops. Try to gofor the matches that will giveyou the highest amount of points.Matching 4 or 5 items is alwaysbetter, also matching two specialboosters with each other. Enjoythe game and popping all the sweetcandies!
Turbine Fighter 1.0.11
****In celebration of Turbine Fighter's success in the HKICTawards,we're rolling out a brand new event and in-app purchasesales, up to57%OFF, starting on April 7th!****Build, customize,and battlecombat mechs in this futuristic fighting game full ofaction,strategy, and mystery.Something doesn't feel quite right inRasenCity, where turbine-powered fighting robots are the biggestsport.Make your way through the competitive scene and get drawninto adarker conspiracy. Will you be able to protect top-secretplans froma greedy professor?Hop into the action and uncover thesecret ofRasen City!*** REAL-TIME BATTLES ***Think fast andstrategize on thefly with the real-time battle system!***REALISTIC CLASHES ***Feeleach struggle as the physics enginesimulates realistic combat!***CREATE YOUR OWN CHARACTER ***Bringyourself into the game and bepart of its mysterious story ***CUSTOMIZE YOUR OWN MECH ***Buildyour own technological marvelsfrom scratch! Customize however yousee fit*** STRATEGIZE WITH TEAMFORMATIONS ***Position yourselfsmartly for a winning strategy***TONS OF STAGES AND ENEMIES ***It'sgonna be a long and difficultjourney. Are you ready for all thediverse challenges?*** SIMPLECONTROLS ***Easy-to-learn andintuitive controls that will get youfighting like a pro in notime*** PLAY AGAINST FRIENDS ***Enter theGlobal Battle System andchallenge your friends and other peopleonlineIt's time to play yourpart as this deeply rich storyunfolds. Will your robot stand achance against the rest?** Pleasenote that while the app is free,please be aware that it containspaid content for real money thatcan be purchased upon users' wishto enhance their gamingexperience.You may control in-app purchasesmade within this appusing password protection which can be enabledfrom the setting pageof the Google Play Store app. **
Escape game:prison adventure 11
Classic Room Escape Game "Escape game:prison adventure"Released.This is a classic puzzle game,You must not miss it! Manydifferentstyles of rooms,Let you constantly observe, judge,calculate, untilescape. A lot of fun for you ,Definitely worth yourdownload. Whenyou are confused,Humanized hints,Help you to escape.Excitingadventure, so you can not stop ...
Egypt Quest Jewels 1.1
Panda Box
egypt quest jewelsBest experience, graphics and puzzles onyourAndroid phones/Tablets! Never miss-out the match-three (match3)quest!Egypt quest jewels is an free addictive gamesanddeliciousadventure filled with colorful game crunching effectsandwell designed casual puzzles for you to play in subway time!Withjewel style icon gem jewels to smash and eliminate in eachlevel,is twice the fun but familiar to play. So let's get startedtocrush now!If you really like the match puzzel 3 game, alsoverylove of Egyptian culture, let's start your journey in Egyptjewelsjourney.
Can You Steal It: Secret Thief 3.0.1
Be an amazing “criminal” cases expert! Join the best hiddenobjectadventure game to solve puzzles. Observe rooms, discoverhints,seek and analyze clues, find items! Investigate them as aCSIdetective. Can You Steal It is a free, most popular andaddictivepuzzle adventure game with fresh and colorful graphics. Ifyou likehidden objects games, you must love Can You Steal It. It isfull ofchallenging and entertaining mini puzzles. Are you ready tostartyour thief life and help people to steal the items they neednow?Challenge your brain now! Observe the rooms and search fortheuseful tiny clues, examine and analyze the clues to solveminipuzzles. You also can challenge your friends to find out whoissmarter and can find the hidden items faster. Uncover secrets,getkeys, find the hidden objects in the rooms, then you can findthetarget item. Though you are a thief, but you need to think likeanexpert CSI detective. Stuck on a puzzle? Relax, walkthroughvideoof Can You Steal It is ready to help. Pretty simple, you justneedto tap the “Hint” button in the lower right. Walkthrough videoispart of the Pro features. Upgrade to remove ads, play allstagesand watch walkthroughs. Or you also can tap the “Try with Ads-Free” button to get walkthrough video for free. It displaysthewalkthrough of the current puzzle stage. Are you ready forthechallenging and addictive mini puzzles? Download Can You StealItnow! Show your amazing thief skills! Hide your “crimes”, becomeagreat and fabulous thief! People need your help! Features: ❤Prettysimple, play with ease and great fun! Free, noregistrationrequired. Super easy to get started. No complicatedoperationrequired. Just tap the location or objects to investigateand findclues.❤ Enjoy the fresh and cute graphics, enjoy cozy time!Thecolorful cosy little rooms, cute decoration and furnishingsmakeyou feel comfortable and happy! Start to enjoy your leisuretimenow!❤ Challenge yourself or play with your friends, have allthefun!You can challenge those entertaining mini puzzles alone oryoualso can play with your friends! To find out who is smarter andcanfind the hidden objects faster.❤ Solve thechallenging,entertaining and addictive mini puzzles!Even the tinyclues canhelp you to figure out the tricky and challenging puzzles.Toobserve the room, find the hidden objects, completetheinvestigation, solve puzzles! Become an amazing “criminal”.❤Hints& help, watch video walkthroughs for free!Get stuck? Takeease,we prepare the hint for you. Tap the “Hint” button in thelowerright, press the “Try with Ads – Free” button to getwalkthroughvideo for free!
Adventure Escape: Cult Mystery 1.34
Haiku Games
Detective Kate Gray’s best friend Melissa, has gone missingafterher “too good to be true” date. Kate investigates only todiscoverthat Melissa has disappeared into a mysterious cult. Useyour witsto solve puzzles and break into the cult. Meet other cultmembersand decide who is friend or foe. Go undercover toinvestigate theshadowy past of the cult and escape with Melissa.Join millions ofhappy Adventure Escape players and see if you cansolve the CultMystery! Play this premium escape game! - Beautifulgraphics bringhaunting scenes to life! - Explore the cult groundsand unravel thestory behind this mysterious place! - Solve deviouspuzzles andriddles! - Get the whole game for FREE! You’re neverforced to pay!- Gather tools and items to aid in your escape! -Memorablecharacters! - Find hidden objects that help you breakfree! - It’sfree! No registration, no hassles, just download andplay. Uncoverthe secrets of Adventure Escape: Cult Mystery! Can youbring downthe cult and escape before it’s too late?
Halloween Match 3 1.1
Time to celebrate the Halloween festivities with Halloween Match3puzzle game! Download for free and experience hundreds of funandtricky levels packed with exciting new boosts and power-ups!Jointhe crazy and spooky adventure today and clear the board towinamazing prizes! Make combinations of at least 3 items inthisawesome match-3 game, and enjoy incredible and festive graphicsanda smooth gameplay.How to Play:- Make combinations of 3 or morethesame colored Halloween items to pop them. - Collect prizes andmakespecial combinations to create big explosions!- Boostyourexperience with awesome power-ups. - Swap spooky itemswithoutlimit and plan ahead your moves.- Hundreds of festivelevels! - Trygetting 3 stars by reaching high scoresAmazing HolidayFeatures:-Beautiful graphics and designs- Get in the holiday spirittoday!-Spooky gameplay with amazing Halloween items.- There is notimelimit - Play for hours and experience endless fun!-Collectdelicious candy on your way to victory!Join the fun andsolve allthe wonderful puzzles in this great holiday Match 3 gamefor thewhole family! Dress up, gather candy and make sure tomatchcolorful combinations to clear the board, and win amazingrewards.Use special spells and secret potions to complete thechallengesand puzzles and collect Halloween candy to win levels.Experienceendless fun in a splendid match-3 scary Halloween worldfilled withbonuses and surprises!
Robin Hood Legends – A Merge 3 Puzzle Game 2.0.2
Merge pieces to solve puzzles & save the town. It’s a FUNnewtwist on merging! Why match when you can MERGE? Join Robin Hoodonher quest to defeat the evil Sheriff of Nottingham and savethetownsfolk! Make combinations of three or more trees, farmhousesand mansions to create bigger and better objects whileearning goldalong the way. The more puzzles you solve, the quickeryou helpRobin on her quest to give to the poor, defeat thetyrannousSheriff and restore order in Sherwood Forest. Enjoy triplethestrategy & fun of your typical match 3 game in this NEWpuzzleadventure from Big Fish Games, makers of the popular gamesCookingCraze and Gummy Drop! MATCH THREE TO MERGE! • Combine threelikeitems to create something new! • Merging four or more piecesgets abonus! • Control gameplay by choosing where merged items areplacedon the board! • Tap to quickly place items for faster,moreaccessible gameplay! • Set an item aside to save it for afuturemerge! DISCOVER FUN & UNIQUE MERGE BOOSTS! • Boostyourgameplay with special items! • Use Crystals, Gems & Mirrorstoevolve and clone merged pieces • Zap away obstacles withLightning!• Meet Little John, who moves items on the board! SOLVEPUZZLES& COMPLETE QUESTS • Challenge your brain with trickypuzzles! •Outsmart water carousels and other level hazards! •Gather wheatfrom the farms & bake bread to feed the hungrypeasants! • Meetcolorful and interesting characters • Collectresources to helpyour neighbors rebuild their homes DEFEND THE LANDFROM EVIL • Theevil Sheriff of Nottingham is destroying the towns!Fight back bymerging to solve puzzles! • The Black Knight iswaiting for you aswell, can you stand up to him? • Save the town,defeat the evilSheriff & rebuild the castle! MERGE 3 ADVENTUREAWAITS! Eachchapter reveals a new challenge to face, and newcharacters tohelp! Step into the story of Robin Hood and her MerryMen in thisgem of a merging & matching adventure game. It’s afusion featfor the taking! Are you clever enough? Big Fish Gamesterms of use:
Cupid Bubble Shooter 1.0
Love is in the air, and it’s time to pop some bubbles and helpCupidcollect all the hearts!Get the most fun bubble popping puzzlegameand take part in this sweet love story. Pop bubbles and winlevelsat the fun and addictive puzzle game for FREE. Play now anddiscoverthousands of addictive puzzles and challenges designed totrain yourbrain and to take you to another level of entertainment.Be surethat you’ll never get bored playing this amazing bubbleblastinggame, so warm up your fingers, clear your mind and begintheexciting adventure. Can you find all the hearts cupid islooking forand save Valentine's Day? Try it out and explore plentyof excitinglevels, challenges, and puzzles that will keep youengaged forhours!Play & Enjoy:♡ 1000+ lovely levels filledwith sweetpuzzles and challenges.♡ Collect Cupid’s hearts andcrush your wayto the top!♡ Aim and Shoot cupid’s arrow to hit thebubbles.♡ Popall the colorful bubbles in the most romantic settingand reach highscores. ♡ Use wonderful boosts and power-ups toblast through thechallenges!♡ Enjoy beautiful graphics and visualeffects. ♡ Acompletely addictive and free-to-play puzzle game.Playthe fun CupidBubble Shooter game and shoot and pop all the bubblesin over 1000lovely levels. Fire the Arrow of Love and Win Big! 💘*Makecombinations of 3 or more bubbles of the same color to crushand winpoints. * It’s important to form a strategy according tothedifferent bubbles layout in each level. * Bubble swap optionistotally free. Just tap on the bubble to change its color. *Boostyour gaming experience with great power-ups: the bomb andthefireball will take out surrounding bubbles and cut through asafepass.* Collect cupid’s hearts and win points! * Use theseboostersto hit and blast the bubbles and advance through theromantic map.* Reach high scores and try to earn 3 stars on everylevel. With somany exciting levels, amazing boosters and bonuses,Cupid BubbleShooter is a must have game for play on Valentine’sDay!All rightsof Bubble Shooter™ are owned by Ilyon Dynamics Ltd.
Candy Charming - 2019 Match 3 Puzzle Free Games
Over 2 million candy charmers are playing our candylious match3puzzle games! 🍬Candy Charming🍬 is a fantastic match puzzlegamefull of love and joy! Explore magical candy kingdoms,helpinglovely candy fairy to blast the new delicious adventure!Jump intothe magical candy wonderland, free to matching andcrushingthousands of match-3 levels! Tasty match quests are waitingforyour challenge, innovative candy spells are waiting tobecollected! Start now playing Candy Charming! 📍GAME FEATURES:🍭Superdelicious and addictive gameplay 🍭Thousands of challengingandunique match-3 levels 🍭Hit the hidden sweet floating islandandtimed tasks 🍭Different wonderful game-worlds with newdesigns🍭Sweet and powerful boosters helping you solve the quests🍭Tastycandies with interesting and special power-ups 🍭Leaderboardtowatch your friends and competitor globally 🍭No Wi-Fi orinternetconnection required to play 🍭New sweet levels andcandyliouspuzzles to be added every 3 weeks for your entertainment🍭Sync yourgame data between devices when connected to internetCandy Charmingis completely free to play but some of the in-gameitems requirepayment. Follow us to get news and updates👈:Facebook: Visit websitefortips👈:
Kitty Pop Bubble Shooter 1.0
Fan of bubble pop games? You must try this brand-new colorblastpuzzle! Kitty Pop Bubble Shooter is a fun bubble shooting gamewithhundreds of addictive levels, beautiful graphics andawesomeboosts. Pop all the bubbles by matching 3 colors - it’ssuper fun!Try out this cool exciting game, aim carefully to hit thetargetand make these bubbles pop! Get ready for a new adventure!Thisaddictive bubble shooter game offers some fun puzzles,challenginglevels and amazing graphics and effects. Get it now forFREE andexperience an easy and fun gameplay. Use your bubblepopping skillsto help Kitty shoot and blast all the colorfulbubbles and clearlevels! Pop the Bubbles!* Show off your colormatching skills andcomplete all the different missions. * Reach thelevel target andsolve the fun puzzle to advance.* Tap where youwant to shoot.*Match 3 or more bubbles of the same color to createa line blastand win points. * Reach high scores and try to get 3stars on everylevel. * The more bubbles you remove from the boardin one shot,the higher score you’ll get. Boost your experience withspecialpower-ups:* Pop 7 bubbles in a row to unlock the FIREBALLthat willburn every bubble on the way.* Drop 10+ bubbles at once toget aBOMB that will take out surrounding bubbles.Try out the bestappand experience a simple yet super addictive puzzle game. Thereisno life or time limit - you can start any level over and nothaveto wait for lives, as they are unlimited! Awesome Features!🐱Asuper cute cat character! Meet Kitty and help her clear theboardfrom all the colorful balls.🐱 Colorful graphics and designs,jointhe exciting adventure in the animal world!🐱 Explore hundredsofthrilling levels filled with fun puzzles and challenges.🐱Smoothgameplay and cool animations.🐱 Completely free-to-play, hoursoffun are guaranteed!Play through hundreds of exciting levelsandenjoy the most amazing gameplay anywhere and anytime.Competeagainst friends and family and see who can reach the highestscoreand get 3 stars on every level. Have a blast shooting andsmashingall the bubbles!All rights of Bubble Shooter™ are owned byIlyonDynamics Ltd.
Ball Resurrection 1.9.0
Bouland Games
Ball Resurrection is a free ball balance 3D game combiningtheelements of arcade and puzzle, where an errant ball is theonlycharacter. This story originated in the early 80s with thegameMarble Madness and Ballance in 2000s. Now you haveanotheropportunity to plunge into exciting and memorable atmosphereofball travels through unimaginable worlds and routes.The maingoalof the ball game is to pass through all the levels balancingandreach the maximum score. Various elements and obstacles arebeingintroduced as one moves onto new levels, meaning thatthecomplexity and level of puzzle solving required aregraduallyincreasing as the game progresses.You will find 5 lives tospendand the unique ability to change material andphysicalcharacteristics of the ball turning it to wood, stone orpaper.However, this feature is to be used only at specialtransformationpoints.Features:• Classic gameplay• Deep atmosphere•Moderngraphics• Realistic physics • Intuitive controls • NotimelimitsBall Resurrection is accessible for all ages,easy-to-learnand control. Vivid graphics and addictive gameplaycontribute toquick relaxation and bright emotions. Moreover, theball gamedevelops logical thinking and imagination.
Frog Crush:Collapse Blast Puzzle 1.1.4
Frog Crush is a kind of match 3 puzzle game. You need tocollapsethecubes to achieve targets. What’s more, this also isanadventure of afrog named Croke who lives in the forest. On thewayof theadventure, he is always stumped by the puzzle game.Thecubes have tobe collapsed rapidly, or he can't go ontheadventure.What are youwaiting for? Warm up your fingers andstartcollapsing. No matterwomen, child, elderly, housewives,handsomeman, pretty girls lovethe frog. This kind of match puzzlegame isfree to download.How tosolve the puzzles?Tap 2 or moreadjacentblocks and toy cubes of thesame color to collapse. Onlyachievethe goal in the limited time ormoves, you can progress thelevel.Collapse 4 or more adjacent cubesto collect special propssuch asboosters, super batteries and bombs.By those props, youcancollapse barriers rapidly to obtain higherscores! And tapadjacentprops, it will have fantastic effect. Forexample, therocket canblast a transverse or vertical line of cubes.The higherscores,the higher-level grades you will obtain. Highgrades needyourtalent. Come to challenge to join the mostinteresting blastgamein the world. Feature of Frog Crush:1. Newtrip needs you topassmany challenging levels to unlock.2. You canuse the specialprops(such as boosters, super batteries, bombs)those yougatheredmasterly in the game to achieve high levelgrades.3.Collect targetstars to unlock new tasks in the worldmap.4. Newprops andattractive design.5. Frog Crush is easy tomasterbutchallenging.6. Completely free, no payment in app.7. Youarefreeto play without WiFi.Have a nice adventure time! Tap joy!Youwillbe hooked on this frogger. You are free to contact usonFacebook:
Jewel Match King: Quest 2.3.30
New and improved match-3 game Jewel Match King: Quest iscoming!Jewel Match King: Quest is amazing match-3 puzzle game, itmakesyou keep playing for FREE! Rescue a jewel fairy with wizardAnniefrom witches! HOW TO PLAY • Swap and Match 3 or more jewels ofthesame! • Complete the level! • Remove the jewels as much as youcan!• To get a special jewel! • Helpful magical boosters to winjewelstars. • Achieve 3 stars to get more coins! • Get a high scorewithboosters! FEATURES • 3 MATCH PUZZLE - A Delicious matchingpuzzlegame with cute characters & addictive levels! • TONS OFUNIQUELEVELS - Over 200 puzzles are unique and full of fun andamazingchallenges! • EASY AND FUN PLAY - Easy to play interface,Just swap& match. • NO TIME LIMIT - Play at your own pace. -Play inanytime and anywhere! • NO WIFI? NO PROBLEM! - Games you canplayoffline. NOTES • Jewel Match King: Quest contains the adslikebanner, interstitial, video and house ads. • Jewel MatchKing:Quest is free to play, but you can purchase In-app items likeADFREE and Coins SUPPORT UNIVERSAL APP • Enjoy the game withvariousdevices. (Phones and Tablets) E-MAIL • [email protected]• on FACEBOOK • [Required Permissions] - none [Optional Permissions]-Photo / Media / File: required storage access permission tosavegame data [Permission setting and withdrawal method] -Android6.0+: Device Settings> Application Management> SelectApp>Revoke Access - Under Android 6.0: Can revoke access bydeletingapplication Thanks for playing!
Bubble Shooter Raccoon
Bubble Shooter Raccoon is a classic free bubble game. Thelovelybubble shooter puzzle game! How to play: * Tap where you wanttoshoot the bubble. * To group 3 or more bubbles to make themburst.* Use the limited bubbles to rescue all the pet on thescreen.Tips: Breaking the bubbles continuously can get points asbonus.Features: * Enchanting graphics, beautiful world and vividbubbles.* 500 different and magical levels, and more added later. *Easy toplay, challenging to master. * Special boosters &bubbles tohelp you pass tricky levels. Bubble Shooter Raccoon iscompletelyfree, and we also provide some in-game items whichrequire paymentto let you play more easy. Blow up bubble anaddictive game and itis a great way to kill time!
Mazes & More 1.85
Mazes & More is a classic maze/labyrinth puzzle game withfuntweaks and surprises. Just swipe your finger and guide thedotthrough the walls to find a way out and escape thelabyrinth.Minimal 2D graphics make it feel like a classic and retromazegame, while new game modes keep the adventure fresh (andsometimesscary!). No marker needed. We don´t experiment with mousesorcheese. MAZES & MORE KEY FEATURES - Easy play, forgetaboutawkward tilt controls or unresponsive accelerometer. Betterthanusing a marker! - All mazes are made by hand, no randomizedlevels- 6 categories: Classic, Enemies, Ice Floor, Darkness, Traps,andTime Trial. More will come! - Puzzles range from easy mazes tomuchharder and advanced labyrinths - Minimal and retro 2Dgraphics,forget about complicated 3D mazes. - We don´t use poormouses inthe labyrinths nor tasty cheese is wasted. Guide the dotthroughdifferent routes in this free maze adventure. Run, exploreand finda way out through the intricate walls. Is there aMinotaur?Complete all 450 labyrinths and become the king of themaze. Havefun :-) No mouses were hurt during the creating of thisgame.
Jewels Legend - Match 3 Puzzle 2.15.0
Ultimate Match-3 game in the jewel world with addictive andexcitingadventures! Jewels Legend (from LinkDesks Inc.) is anaddictive andexciting adventure match 3 game filled with colorfuljewelscrunching effects! This jewel game has well designed puzzlesfor youto play in anytime and anywhere! Be the Jewel Star andunlock allcastles in this jewel saga game. HOW TO PLAY ★ Match 3or morejewels in a line to crush them. ★ Match 4 jewels to createspeciallightning jewels. Lightning jewels can make a blast todestroy alljewels in a row or column. ★ Match 5 jewels with T or Lshape tocreate special jewels bomb. The jewels bomb can destroyall jewelsaround it. ★ Match 5 jewels in a line to create specialcolorjewels. Color jewels can destroy all jewels with the samecolor ofselected jewels . ★ Match 6 jewels can create a morepowerfullightning jewel.It can destroy all jewels in a row AND acolumn. ★Combine 2 special jewels together to make different kindsoffantastic effects to help you pass the level. ★ Reachdifferentlevel target to pass levels in your adventure. JEWELLEGEND MATCH 3PUZZLE FEATURES ★ Easy and fun to play, challengingto master. ★More than 700 addictive jewel quest levels - more addedregularly.★ More than 230 challenging castle levels. ★ 5 completelydifferentbest match 3 games types. ★ Helpful magical boosters towin jewelstars. ★ Daily free games bonus in best jewel games. ★Auto hintwhen you jewel quest but could not find one match. PLAYWITHFRIENDS ★ Connect to Facebook and play with friends! ★ Seeyourfriends on the map! ★ Synchronize the game on multiple devicesandplatforms! EASY AND FUN PLAY ★ Easy to control, fun to play,greatgraphics! ★ Just swap & match with your single finger! NOTIMELIMIT ★ Play at your own pace! NO WIFI? NO PROBLEM! ★ FreeGamesyou can play offline. Classic Match3 games in Google Play. Itissimple and fun, but also quite challenging. Easy to play,difficultto master. All levels are designed attentively. Yourmission is towin the Jewels Stars. Pass these match 3 jewel levelsand try toget all jewel stars in each level to unlock castles. ThisbestJewel match-3 game is completely free to play, but somein-gameitems such as extra moves or jewel quest hints or liveswillrequire payment. Contact us for anyproblem:[email protected] Match 3 Jewels and never stop!
Bubbles Fairy Craft 1.0
Shoot bubbles in this colorful fun adventure and enjoy thousandsofexciting levels and puzzles. Play now and experience thissuperaddictive game on your Android device. Download BubblesFairyCraft, pick your target carefully, and fire away! Shoot andsmashall the bubbles, and make sure they fall into the cauldrons toearnextra points and level up!Follow these instructions to playourawesome game:* Tap on the screen and drag the laser aim atthedirection of the bubbles. * Match at least 3 bubbles of thesamecolor to make them burst. * Get extra score when bubbles fallintothe cauldrons!* Swap bubbles without limit and advance alongthemap. Game Features:- Beautiful graphics and effects, plentyofcolorful bubbles.- Fun challenges and puzzles. -Addictivegameplay.- Easy to pick up and play. - Awesome levels thatwillkeep you entertained for hours.Play this cool game for FREE andgetready to win some cool boosters and prizes. The whole familywillenjoy this awesome free bubble popper game! Are you readytobegin?All rights of Bubble Shooter™ are owned by IlyonDynamicsLtd.
Monkey GO Happy - Top 10 Free Puzzle Adventures
Monkey GO Happy from Pencilkids is an internet sensationthathasreached millions of players online. Now it's availableforyourAndroid device.10 different Monkey GO Happy story gameshavebeencompiled into one app for your enjoyment. TheListincludes:-Monkey GO Happy Adventure- Monkey GO HappyLeprechauns-Monkey GOHappy Valentines- Monkey GO Happy North Pole-Monkey GOHappyTurkeys- Monkey GO Happy Candy- Monkey GO HappyHalloween-MonkeyGO Happy Talisman- Monkey GO Happy Easter- MonkeyGOHappyEggsFeatures:- over 10 beautifully designed long storystages-30Hats to dress up your monkey- 7 different monkeys tochoosefrom-NO In-app purchases- Automatic saveprogressInstructions: Taponobjects and locations on the screen.Drag items to specificspotsto solve puzzles and more!
Garden Pets: Match-3 Dogs & Cats Home Decorate 1.29
Garden Pets - cutest game ever! Collect delicious candy-likefruitsto solve match-3 puzzle! Play with fluffy animal friends:cat,puppy and bunny! Play for free & offline! Meet new friendsandhelp them restore an old garden to it's previous glory andrenovatea worn out house into a mansion! Blast through match-3levels andfantastic puzzles to uncover an adorable story of a cat,puppy andbunny. Play a new matching game offline or share yourmagic storyand a beautiful garden with friends online! GAMEFEATURES: •Hundreds of unique and addicting match-3 levels • Manyfluffyanimals for your garden • Playing with cute animals to cheerthemup • Cute and wild dog, soft and purry kitten, sweet rabbit:wholeworld of tailed friends • Sunny days turn into cozy nights andbackagain • Juicy atmosphere of summer with no more lifelessdiamondsor jewels ADVICES: • Putting more than 3 fruits in a rowwillcreate a useful juice or even a jam to blast, crushing a lotmorefruits around! • Presenting your pet with a candy, a cookie oratoy will make it happy and happy pet will bring you valuableitems!• The more crystals you earn, the more colorful your gardencanbecome! ATTENTION! Garden Pets is free to download, installandplay. However, some in-game items can be purchased with realmoney.You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-apppurchasesin your device’s settings.
Destination Solitaire - Fun Puzzle Card Games! 2.0.7
An exciting and fun twist to classic Solitaire! Use strategy andfunpower-ups to solve puzzling layouts on your phone or tablet.Earnrewards while traveling to exotic destinations with ourbeautifulfree to play tripeaks solitaire game! OVER 600 LEVELSExplore allthe beautiful destinations you love or have dreamed ofvisiting allin one game with puzzles from around the world! Fromthe city oflove, Paris, to the bounty of Cherry Blossom Trees inTokyo; yourFirst Class seat awaits you! COLLECT SOUVENIRS &MORE Fill upyour passport with unique stamps in every country!Don’t forget toset your unique frame & deck in each location.Love to collectrarities? Earn EXCLUSIVE frames & decks duringour fun filledevents! DAILY REWARDS As our frequent flyer, earn acoin bonus everyhour! Along with your hourly bonuses, earn extrarewards as you soarthrough each level! PLAY WITH FRIENDS Sign intoyour Facebook tocollect an added coin bonus! Invite family andfriends to help eachother unlock new levels! See who has flown thefarthest on the map!Now sit back, wheels up and await your nextdestination!______________________________________ LIKE US onFacebook! For answerstofrequently asked questions, head overto: Created and supportedbyMobilityWare
Bubble Shooter Abysmal
5 Star Games
Bubble Shooter Abysmal is one of the most popular bubblepuzzlegame! Go down the bubble ocean and collect more bubbles asyou can!- Over 500 interesting bubble levels - Special andpowerfulboosters - Fluent animations and graphics - Group 3 or moresamebubble to pop - Drop bubbles into jar will get more score-Challenge levels all the time - Easy to play but hard bemasterBubble Shooter Abysmal is completely free to download inGooglePlay now! Play with your friends and enjoy your bubblejourney!
Juice Fruity Splash - Puzzle Game & Match 3 Games 1.4.1
Juice Fruity Splash, Match 3 juice Splashing, addictive freshnewmatch puzzle game. Embark on this splash juice adventure now!Tastethe Fruit Jam Splash experience and Swap to match 3 ormoredelicious fruits in deliciously tasty juice.Scrumptiousstrawberries, fresh blueberries, orange maranja, ripebanana,appetizing grapes, enjoy this fruit juice party. Every berryandcrop are there to blow in this mania of equal fruits. Have funandblast around in this beautiful jucie fruity splashparty!Highlighted Features: ★ Completely free to play. ★1000+well-designed delicious puzzles! ★ Spectacular boosters,splendidgraphics! ★ Variety of gameplays, awesome new characters!★Powerful booster help you pass the level. ★ Easy to playbutchallenging to master. ★ Competitive with all players worldwide.★Less moves, More Stars, Higher scores! Crush all juicy fruits!Howto play: - Match 3 or more identical fruits in a line to jamthem.- Match 4 fruits in a row or column to create specialdirectionone. - Match 5 fruits in T or L to create special ColorOrangeBomb. - Combine 2 special ones to make huge chain reaction tohelpyou pass the level. - Swap to match 3 or more sweet fruits tohavea hearty harvest. What are the unique points of thisamazingcolorful game? Explore them all now and start playing rightahead!Lots of equal fruits in this mania. Start this puzzleadventure andwin the frozen treat.
MIRIAM : The Escape 2.0
In Miriam you will go on an adventure inside a girl'sstrangedreams.Stages of black and white, light and silhouette arewaitingto be challenged by you.Are you ready to solve the puzzlesandescape from the endless lucid dreams?FEATURES•Brilliantcombination of Arcade, Adventure, and Puzzle• Realisticand fluidphysics-based gameplay• Stay in the dark, avoid lightandobstacles• Solve the puzzles, find the key to escape from aroom•Creatively designed 24 stages• Survive through obstacleelementssuch as liquids, stones, boxes, and balls• The art-like,elaborate3D animations created using Unity engine• Intuitiveone-touchcontrols - arrow keys and jump key are all you need•Surreal andimmersive audio-visual gaming experience• Imaginativeandinnovative level designMiriam is one of the bestarcadegames/adventure games available on mobile.Download and playthisone-of-a-kind indie game right now.We welcome you to Miriam'sworldof dream, destiny, horror, darkness and sometimes, evil inone'sinside.
Hidden Objects Messy Kitchen – Cleaning Game 2.1.1
🍴 Hidden Objects Messy Kitchen – the ultimate puzzlesolvingadventure and a cool “mystery game” for kids and adults! Canyouclean up the messy kitchen and find all the mystery objects inthepictures? Download one of the best “hidden object games free”ofcharge and let the “kitchen games” begin!🍴 Let the kitchenmaniabegin, and do your best in this hidden objects puzzle gameandsearch for hidden items to clean the messiest kitchen in theworld!Become a true kitchen ninja in the best “messy kitchenhiddenobject games” - search and find hidden objects in a kitchenfromhell! Many mystery objects are scattered all around themessykitchen – put on your chef's hat and let the hunting begin!Useyour skills and fast fingers to “find objects” like differentfooditems and various other hidden things! Collect all the stars tobethe best in this “hidden object puzzle”! If you are a fan of“itemsearching games” and classic “seek and find puzzles”, youwilladore Hidden Objects Messy Kitchen! Enjoy being a detective –grabyour magnifying glass and start your new mystery case -“findobjects in a messy room”!🍴 2000+ objects!🍴 Incrediblegraphics!🍴Catchy melodies!🍴 Hints –when you need help!🍴 Zoomfeature!🍴 Freeof charge!🍴 100 % anti-boredom!Supported languages:BahasaIndonesia, Bahasa Melayu, Dansk, Deutsch, Español,Français,Italiano, Nederlands, Norsk Bokmål, Polski, Português,Slovenčina,Srpski, Suomi, Svenska, Tiếng Việt., Türkçe,Ελληνικά,Русский,العربية, हिन्दी, ภาษาไทย, 中文, 日本語, 한국어.🍴 Free“hiddenobject games for kids” and adults!Hidden Objects MessyKitchen is a“seek and find puzzle game” that turns you into a chefand sendsyou on an unforgettable adventure of finding objects in akitchenfrom your worst nightmares! With lots of different objectsto find,Hidden Object Messy Kitchen is suitable for all generationsofusers who enjoy playing “mystery hidden objects” and “finditemsgames”! “Find things hidden games” are a great way to enhanceyourconcentration and attention to details, plus, they areexcellentbrain teasers and mind games! Test your reflexes and dothecomplete home makeover in this “hidden objects adventure gamesfreedownload”! Reach the high score to be the king of the kitchenorthe queen of “house cleaning”! Prove you are worthy of a chef'shatby finding all the items in one of the best “free hiddenobjectgames”! Can you “find it”? “Seek and find hidden objects”scatteredall around the “messy kitchen”!🍴 Amazing graphics and3Denvironment!Messy Kitchen Hidden Object is a free 3D game withaneasy-to-use interface and simple tap controls! With colorfulscenesand “mystery hidden objects”, this “kitchen scramble” “freehiddenobject game” is bound to entertain you for hours! Search andfindhidden objects cleverly disguised in a regular messy kitchen!Playhide and seek with mystery items in one of the best “free 3dhiddenobject games” on the market! If you like cooking games, letthekitchen adventure begin, and get ready for a phenomenalkitchenescape. Be the best detective and seek and find hiddenobjects inthe kitchen!🍴 Train your brain with this kitchenpuzzlegame!Download Hidden Object – Messy Kitchen and improve yourskillsin one of the best “mystery games free” of charge! Thesekitchencleaning games are an excellent brain exercise both for kidsandadults, because they develop visual perception and enhanceyourcapacity to concentrate! The only thing better than freeonlinehidden object games are free offline hidden object games,andHidden Objects Messy Kitchen is just that! Play yourfavoritekitchen games for girls wherever you are, whenever you wantto!Download now and find yourself in the Messiest Kitchen ever -lookcarefully and you may come across the kitchen scale or asharpknife hiding in the most peculiar places–be a renowneddetective bysolving the mystery file of the hellish kitchen!
MechBox: The Ultimate Puzzle Box 8.9.13
The Mechanical Box is a device created with only onepurpose:protecting what's inside at all costs. Every protectionlayer of itis a new unique puzzle. You’re the Tester, and your taskis to hackand bypass the MechBox security system by crackingpasswords andsolving brain-cracking puzzles. You'll need yourability to thinkout of the box combined with ultimate attention todetails. Are youready for this challenge? It's your call. Now it'sour marketingexpert's turn to speak (he threatens to bite me if Idon't stepaside). What features does the Mechanical Box have? -MechBox is anincredible, ultimately hard, addictive, unique puzzle- This gameis perfect for those who want to test their puzzlesolving skillsfor all it's worth - Boost your brain power in thiscolorfuladventure full of secrets and mysteries! - No time limits,you canplay offline - Amazing graphics optimized for tabletsandsmartphones - If you're stuck, the Box has some tips inside! -Youcan play absolutely free! - No casual match-3 puzzles, justlogicalproblems and thinking outside the box - Test yourself, findhiddentips and Easter Eggs in the set of epic puzzles - Have noidea whatto do on your holidays? Avoid traps and solve the mysteryof theMechanical Box! - What you're waiting for? Start solvingpuzzlesright now! Thank you for playing MechBox! - The game is freetoplay. However, in-app purchases are available for remove alladsand unlimited hints. Contains advertising. - Like us on Facebooktostay up-to-date on game news, contests, polls and other funstuff:
Pet Puzzle: Match 3 Games & Matching Puzzle 1.1
Join this puzzle adventure in the match 3 games to findtheantiquity in the jungle. Let's go with the archaeologisttodiscover the mystery of the wood and rescue the lovely petsthatare kidnaped by monsters, compete and share the fun in thejourneyto your friends, show your best strategic moves to gethigherscore.How to play Pet Puzzle: Match 3 Games & MatchingPuzzle🐶🐱 Swap or swipe 3 pets in a line to blast them.🐱 Match 4Pets in asquare to make a pet frenzy.🐱 Match 5 Pets to create acolorfulpet.🐱 Connect 2 special pets to create a super specialblast.🐱Collect fruits by moving them to the last row.🐱 This petgames is amatch 3 games free with bonuses. You can get 5 more moveeach levelby watching an ad.Pet Puzzle: Match 3 Games &Matching Puzzle 🐶Features: 🐱 Beautiful graphics and effects🐱 Thisis the best match3 puzzle games for free, play online, offline& no internetconnection is required! 🐱 Easy and fun to play,but challenging tomaster: focus on your strategic matching andconnecting!🐱 PetPuzzle is a type of match 3 games free withunlimited lives toplay.🐱 Stay tuned: more levels and cutecharacters surprises are onthe way!🐱 You can chat with otherplayers on game. That's great,right?Pets Puzzle information:🐱 PetPuzzle is a free match 3 puzzlegame with in-app purchasesavailable🐱 This pets legend is aaddictive way, match 3 puzzlegame.🐱 Pet adventure is a pet popmatching games for adults.🐱 Over200 well designed levels and morewill come.Play Pet Puzzle: Match 3Games & Matching Puzzle 🐶today. It's free!
Dots & Co: A Puzzle Adventure 2.14.1
Explore beautiful landscapes and embark onavisual journey by solving puzzles with magical companions thathelpyou along the way.Are you ready, adventurer? Let’s go!WHY YOU’LL LOVE DOTS & CO• FREE to play!• CHALLENGE yourself with 320 NEW and completely originallevels,fun for Dots loyalists and new players alike• ENJOY simple, thoughtful gameplay where you connect one Dottoanother and play at your pace• MEET various original Companion characters that help youbeatlevels• SOLVE clever puzzles containing over 15 visual mechanicsusingyour wits to figure out the perfect move• TRAVEL through beautiful landscapes and get lost in the worldofDots & Co• PLAY beautifullyIf you loved Two Dots, you’ll love Dots & Co: wherenewcompanions and their distinct powers bring a whole new layerofmagic to the game you know and love.*Color blind mode is available*We remain committed to making sure all players can enjoy ourgames.You can turn on Color Blind Mode in the settings menu!PLAY GAMES SERVICESDots & Co uses Play Games Services in order to saveyourprogress within the game. While the game can be playedoffline,please make sure you are connected to Play Games Servicesand areonline in order to properly save your progress withourservers.SUPPORTHaving any problems? Any suggestions? We would love to hearfromyou! You can reach us at:[email protected] NOTE: Dots & Co is completely free to play, but youcanalso purchase some items within the game for real money.Justdisable in app purchases on your device if you don't want tousethis feature.Use of Dots & Co is governed by the Dots terms ofservice:
Paint Puzzle - Color Block 1.3
★★★★★ Paint a world in the Brightest Colors. ◉ Assemblethepuzzleblocks in the right way and beat the high score. ◉ Letthecolorsguide you through this amazing puzzle adventure. ◉Enjoytherelaxation of the flow.◉ Best puzzling experience ever:=))) DOYOUEVEN PUZZLE◉ From Color to Puzzle to Puzzle to Color ◉WhichColorAre You? Which Paint do you want to be?◉ Come Play WithPaintandColor! Make it beautiful.
Sweet Puzzle 1
Ready to go on a thrilling match 3 adventure?Enjoy tonsoffun!Addictive puzzle game you can enjoy with your friends.Match3ore more of the same fruits.Levels will challenge you invariousways.Combine sweet fruits for an exciting specialeffect.Join SweetPuzzle for an exciting adventure now!Very easyrules to play thisamazing match 3 game.Over 100 Levels.Play withoutinternetconnection.
Puzzle Game Classic 1.7
Puzzle Game Classic in color is a funny and exciting brickgame.Simply Drag the blocks, fill up all grids and arrange eachblock ofbrick to complete as much line as possible. Game interfaceis veryfriendly and simple to use for all users of all ages. Jewelsblockpuzzle is the legend of all puzzle games Easy to playandpleasurable game for all age. Just play it to relax and helpfun.The game is funny but challenging. Try to live as long aspossibleand get many score. Game will be over if there are no spacefor anythe given blocks below the board. From now on, let's enjoy asimpleand addictive puzzle game! Once you start, you'll be hooked.PuzzleGame Classic is the classical and legendary game. I'm surewith youthat you had played at least one time when you were child.[HOW TOPLAY] • Drag the blocks to move them. • Try to fit them allin therow or column. Then the block will be clear and you get thepoint.Game will be over if there are no room for any the shapesbelow thegrid. • Blocks can't be rotated. • Don't worry! No timelimits![FEATURES] • Simple rules and Easy control • Various Blocksandcolorful graphic • Smooth and delicate animation • Funnysoundeffects • Hours of fun, exciting play • Leaderboard Playingrightnow! You can play Puzzle Game Classic for FREE!
Ice Cream Paradise - Match 3 Puzzle Adventure 1.9.5
RV AppStudios
Candy, cookies, ice cream, and puzzles! When there's trouble inaworld made out of desserts, there's only one cure: swappingthroughtons of free match-3 puzzles! Ice Cream Paradise is a brightandcolorful match 3 puzzle game that's an absolute blast to play.JoinMelissa in this delicious puzzle mania game as she matchesdessertsof all types to spread happiness through the land. Crushcookies,blast candy and ice cream, and pop tasty frozen treats oneat atime, but work fast so you can solve all of the puzzles! TheIceCream Paradise puzzle world gets even more exciting when youcreatepower-ups. Make a 3 match with extra desserts to createspecialcandy items that can clear huge portions of the screen. Gota fewcookies in the way? Need to blitz those frozen treatsintooblivion? Time to make a power-up and blast them topieces.Delicious, delicious pieces! The fun and free Ice CreamParadise 3match game is loaded with amazing features: - Colorfulgraphicswith tons of fun characters to meet. - Solve match-3puzzles toremove cookies, ice cream, and candy from the screen. -Create andunleash amazing power-ups that blast and pop all over! -Hundredsof exciting levels to complete! Ice Cream Paradise willkeep youswapping for months with its exciting gameplay. Crushcookies,blast candy, pop frozen ice cream treats, and solve tons offreematch-3 puzzles in this exciting and colorful game! NOTE: IceCreamParadise - Match 3 is localized and available infollowinglanguages: English, 简体中文, 繁體中文, Čeština, Dansk,Nɛðərləndz,Suomalainen, Français, Deutsch, ελληνικά, Magyar, BahasaIndonesia,Italiano, 日本語, 한국어, Bahasa Melayu, norsk, Polski,Português,Română, русский, Slovenský, Español, svenska, Türkçe,Tiếng ViệtPrivacy Policy -
Action Bubble Game 1.0
Get in the action with the fun Action Bubble Game!Shoot andblastall the colored bubbles in over 1000 challenging levels anenjoynew puzzles and incredible boosters. Thousands of fun levelsarewaiting to be solved, so you better start playing! You canswapbubbles for free, just tap on your bubble to change its color.Makesure to plan your shots and work out a strategy to pop allthecolored bubbles. *Special Boosters Featuring: Fireball andBombthat will help you blast clear groups of bubbles and winlevels.You can swap bubbles for free, just tap on your bubble tochangeits color. Use this to plan your shots and work out astrategy topop all the colorful bubbles. Play anytime and anywherefor free!Enjoy unique puzzles and challenges and smash all thebubbles untilyou clear the board. This game is very entertaining,addictive andsuper easy to learn. Hours of endless fun areguaranteed! *How toPlay: Drag your finger to use the laser sightand lift it to shootbubbles. You have to match at least 3 bubblesof the same color topop the group and win points. The fewer shotsyou use to pass alevel, the higher score you will get, and also thechance to win 3stars on every level. *Beat the Challenges: Planyour moves and tryto clear more bubbles with each shot to earn morepoints. Solve thefun brain teasers and win!Action Bubble Game isfun and easy toplay, and it’s totally FREE. Get it now from GooglePlay anddiscover thousands of levels packed with exclusiveboosters, coolgraphics and effects. We want to ensure that you’llget the mostentertaining experience and enjoy the most innovativefeatures.Have a blast popping all the colorful balls!All rights ofBubbleShooter™ are owned by Ilyon Dynamics Ltd.
Cookie Jam - Match 3 Games & Free Puzzle Game
Over 100 million people are playingourdeliciously sweet match 3 games! Cookie Jam is filledwiththousands of fun and challenging puzzles! Match 3 cookies&candy in order to clear the board and beat the puzzle! CookieJammatch 3 games are free to play and tons of fun! Play now!Are you tired of matching three candy or spreading jelly?Blastthrough dessert themed islands and help Chef Panda crushcookiesbefore they crumble in Cookie Jam - the SWEETEST match 3game onmobile! Play thousands of puzzle games for free, with newpuzzlesevery week so you never run out of a puzzle to play!Swap candy colored treats and crush delicious cookies andcakes.It’s no wonder people say Cookie Jam is the BEST MATCH 3 GAMEEVER!We have thousands of match 3 games and puzzle games toenjoy!KEY INGREDIENTS:🍪 Free to play and fun for everyone!🍪 Never-ending fun with THOUSANDS of unique levels with newonesadded weekly🍪 Deliciously sweet supply of candy crushing power-upsandcombos🍪 Swap, crush, and jam your way through fantastical bakerythemedislands🍪 Earn rewards and sweet prizes with limited-time events🍪 Connect to Facebook to seamlessly sync across multiple devicesandchallenge friends!LIKE: @playcookiejamDEVELOPER INFO: Jam City is the leading developer intrulycross-platform social gaming! Check out our other free match3games and puzzle games! You'll love to swap, match, andcrunchthrough ever expanding levels and events. Check back often toseeall the new candy, cake, and sweet treats that we've added!You'lllove to crush through each sweet puzzle. Begin yourbakeryadventure on this free match three game today!
WhamBam Warriors - Puzzle RPG 1.1.80
Collect your warriors and jump into a dungeon adventure! #Thepuzzle RPG where every move becomes a brain-ticklingstrategyWarrior selection, timing and great placement come togetherforflawless victory Use your wits to solve each dungeon puzzle!#GoWhamBam with hundreds of cute but mighty characters! Over200unique warriors ready for battle! Collect their crazy skillsandbuild your own deck to clear out the creepiest dungeons#Experiencefast-paced PvP mode in the Coliseum! Meet and battlewith usersfrom around the world Use strategy to create a deck andoutplayyour opponents! #Hundreds of stages with endless monstersanddevious traps! Unique monsters with various themes! From slimestozombies – defeat them all! Breakthrough difficult stagesusingcreative combination of your warriors! #Too much to handle?GOWHAMBAM with Diego!! Outrageous Diego will carry your battletovictory! But be careful! Diego is a whirlwind of destructionandwill do damage to both enemy and allies
Jewel Pop: Match 3 Legend 1.0.5
Citrus Game
The power of magic jewels is in your hands! Switch and match 3ormore jewels to walk through more than 450+ levels inthiscompletely new hit puzzle adventure. Jewel Pop: Match 3 Legendisan addictive and delicious adventure filled with colorfulgemcrunching effects and well designed puzzles for you to playinsubway time! With candy style jewels to smash and eliminate ineachlevel, Jewel Pop: Match 3 Legend is twice the fun but familiartoplay. So let's get started to crush the saga now! Game Features:-First World: 450 challenging levels and more to come -Stunninggraphics & Effect with a highly polished interface -Sharp andanimated visuals fit this saga to surfers life - Easy andfun tostart but a challenge to fully master How to Play: - Swapthejewels to match 3 in a line to remove them
Block Puzzles 1.1.2
Fan of the block puzzle games? Get ready for a new blockpuzzleadventure! Download Block Puzzles and start blasting woodblocksand solving puzzles. Play this fun puzzle matching game forfree!Work your way through thousands of colorful levels, solvepuzzlesand pop all the tiles.It's the classic tap 2 blocks puzzlegamewith a twist, tap and pop puzzle blocks to win coins.Challengefamily and friends and see who can complete all themissions andclear levels, it’s fun and super addictive. Tap andsmash thebricks, clear the obstacles and win levels in your awesomejourneyacross the land of cubes. HOW TO PLAY- Click, blast, andburst onany 2 adjacent cubes of the same color.- Play throughthousands oftap 2 retro blocks game levels and crush toys. -Overcome obstaclesand achieve high scores.- Crash and explode woodblocks to clearthe board and win points. - Use powerful boosts toadvance throughthe game. - Pop the toys cubes and win awesomerewards. Play thistoys game and complete the missions set at thebeginning of eachlevel and collect different items to win. You havea limited amountof moves to clear a level, so you better think itthrough and planyour path wisely. Can tapping 2 or more bricks geteven more fun?Play now and find out!FUN BLOCKS GAME FEATURES-Colorful graphicsand designs.- New and unique gameplay.- Tons ofexciting andchallenging puzzles.- Easy and fun puzzle blocks gameto learn. -Enjoy this free puzzle game with no wifi and no internetneeded.-Completely FREE to play and blast cubes!**Get amazingboosters thatwill help you crush the cubes and reach the leveltarget.** Match,crash, and smash 5 or 6 cubes to get arocket.Match, burst, andexplode 7 or 8 puzzle blocks to get abomb.Match 9 tiles to earn acolor wheelCombine boosts to get biggereffects that so you cansolve the challenging puzzles in this freeblocks game in notime!This crushing cubes game is absolutely freeand totallyaddictive! Play this cool classic game for endless hours- BlockPuzzles is easy to learn and extremely fun to play anytimeandanywhere! Download now and experience this addicting onlinegamestraight on your device.
Can you escape T:Luck 1.7.0
The purpose of this game is to break out of the rooms. Solvethepuzzles and find all the hidden objects that you have to use intherooms in order to advance to the next floor. Challenge yourselfinthis fun, addictive, free and popular puzzle game.Smartphonepuzzles! Gorgeous graphics ! it’s FREE!
Mama peppa and friends jigsaw game 2.6
This free jigsaw puzzle game will helps your kids developmatchingand fine motor skills. Lets us dive into a world of funandimaginative mobile games. This puzzles game contains pictureswhichare familiar to kids and young children from peppa piglikeadventure rabbit, elephant, mama papa pig and more littlepigfriends. Trust us it will be very attractive for toddlersandpreschool kids to play these little pieces jigsaw game. Wepromiseyou its nice, simple, fun and colorful.
Tasty Treats Blast - A Match 3 Puzzle Games 16.0
Enter the sweetest adventure and travel through magical landsofcandy-like treats.Match, splash and crush two or more blocks ofthesame color to clear the level with your furry best friends!Makethe most delicious combinations and get through challenginglevelsfull of fun! Smash fruits together and match the raresttreats tofeed your animal friends. Remember, they don’t all eat thesame!Jam, jelly,popcorn, cupcakes and more treats are on the menuforyou to discover in this land of tasty, tastytreats!*******************************************************************************************TheSWEETEST WAY to Play: PLAY WITH FRIENDS -Show off yourgamingprogress on the leaderboard to your friends! Beat yourfriends’score on every level and keep track of it! WONDERFULBOOSTS! -BLASTthrough Gummies with ease with powerful combos andspecial pieces!THE BEST LEVELS -HUNDREDS of levels to beat and NEWLEVELS addedevery week! Sync between devices and play anywhere,anytime! Over500 levels packed with fruits, candy, gummies, jam andmore treatsfor you and your furry friends! Start your deliciousadventurenow!********************************************************************************************FollowTasty Treats on Facebook for more bonus! Enjoy thesweetness! Questions?Suggestions? Getin touch: [email protected] Please note thatTasty Treats is acompletely FREE match 3 puzzle game. It’s free todownload and play,but there are game items available for purchasewith real money.
Easy Bubble Shooter 1.0
Easy Bubble Shooter is a fun bubble shooter game that will makeyourboring hours go away! Warm up your fingers, aim and popbubbles, andwin coins. Think you can you pop and shoot all thecolored bubblesand clear the board?Give it a try now and join theadventure!Looking for some more fun? Practice your skills in a newbubbleshooter game, compete with family and friends and shoot tosee whogets the highest score! Download and play this fun puzzlegame andenjoy thousands of levels filled with challenges and brainteasers!You can play this popping game anytime, online or offline,no wificonnection is needed! Easy Bubble Shooter is so simple andeasy tolearn and play, but serious challenges are always aroundthe corner,so you better be prepared! Match and blast at least 3balls of thesame color to pop the group, complete the target, andwin points.Download for free today and join the addictive fun!Popping Gamefeatures:- Thousands of simple and classic levels toblast andenjoy, so you’ll never get bored. - Amazing graphics anddesigns. -Win points and unlock awesome boosts and power-ups.-Bubble swap isfree, just tap on your bubble to change the color. -Fun game forthe whole family! Join the fun and classic bubbleshooter game, andexperience hours of pure entertainment. Usepowerful boosters toblast balloons through the levels and collectamazing rewards. Forma group of 3 or more bubbles of the samecolor to pop thecombination and clear the board. Win levels andadvance along thebubble map. You have a limited number of shots toclear a level, souse them wisely and plan your moves. Use fewershots to complete apuzzle and try to earn 3 stars on every level.This is an easy gameto play with family and friends. Think aheadof your steps, buildyour tactics in the game. Aim and shoot andhave a blast time!Unlock cool boosters to advance through thearcade shooting game:*Fireball - Pop 7 bubbles in a row to get afireball that will burnevery bubble on the way. * Bomb - Drop 10balloons or more to get abomb that will take out surroundingbubbles. Use your logic andmatching skills to reach the target,overcome the obstacles, and popballoons in the cool and freepuzzle game. Play and enjoy anaddictive and relaxing game mode,plenty of challenges andadventures - you won’t be able to put itdown!All rights of BubbleShooter™ are owned by Ilyon Dynamics Ltd.
Cookie Magic Blast - New Puzzle Matching Adventure 1.2.4
Cool You
Are you tired of matching candies or spreading jellies? Starttoplay Cookie Magic Blast today - the deliciously sweet match 3gamefilled with thousands of fun and challenging levels! Switchandmatch Cookies in this divine puzzle adventure to beat thelevel.But be careful! It is not that easy to collect all thetargetswhile your moves are limited! Get that sweet feeling whenyou crushdelicious cookies and cakes. FEATURES: ● All kinds ofcutestcookies, stunning graphics and unique gameplay! ● So manyexcitinglevels with new ones added weekly! ● Play with uniquegameobjectives and dozens of entertaining obstacles! ●Numerouspower-ups and combos helps you to beat the puzzle! ● Easyand funto play but challenging to master!