1.0.2 / May 30, 2018
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If you have enjoyed red robot transport firetruck simulator orfiretruck games in best robot games & real robot firetruckgames categories with mech warriors of new robot transformationgames like best action games & best robot action games, thenMinja Studio presents its truck robot car future robot battles ormech fighting games of the week: real Robot Firefighter Rescue FireTruck Simulator 2018 like rescue bot games with rescue firetrucksimulator element in robot rescue games with fire brigade rescuerobots. Rescue robot firefighter robot game or rescue bot games isone of the best robot action games with vigilant battle truck robotsimulator acting like futuristic robot superheroes. Red fire truckrobot firefighter in the modern age of future robot games will be ared robot warrior & you will be a real robot builder withrescue mobile. Flying bots & shooting robots are a thing of thepast & new monster robot games are shifting focus to rescuerobot survival games. Futuristic robot wars of robot squad in firetruck rescue duty game is through transform robot fighting machinehas begun while superhero flying robot rescue bots have ended.Battlebot Rescue bots have to save people from mech warriors robotarmies who are trained in combat action skills. If you have enjoyedflying robot game then you will love fire truck rescue bot gameswith transforming robot to shoot and fight evil robots. Inemergency rescue 911 best robot action games you have to fight thebots & additionally rescue robot firetruck rescue games or bestrobot games will give you rescue missions for robot rescue games& robot rescue fire truck simulator. There is no need for handto hand combat action, by playing best robot fighting games &red robot adventures you will also get into American fire fighterrobot builder survival mode & unlike other airbot flying robotgame rules of shooting game or robot warrior flying games for bestcombat action game don’t apply on fire engine battle truck realrobots.Our red fire truck fire engine battle truck robot simulator:real Robot Firefighter Rescue Fire Truck Simulator 2018 is a battletrucks rescue fire truck simulator & best robot fire truckgames to give you the chance to play with super robottransformation not like other mech fighting games or future robotgames to save mankind in best robot games. Emergency rescue 911missions will be unlike any other transforming firetruck simulator.Perform robot transport fire brigade, ambulance game & firerescue tasks as new super robots rescue bots games in robot actiongames & best action games. You can be the rescuer in firetruckgames or rescue bot games or the super hero with recue mobile inrobot transforming games. Battlebot mech warrior games liketransforming simulator futuristic robot game or fighting robotfiretruck games keep you hooked in the machine build scenario ofsaving people from evil robots in rescue robot survival games redrobot adventures & rescue robot simulator. Real robot warmission game has survival craft with rescue duty. Rescue missionare a must for mech fighting games & red Robot FirefighterRescue Fire Truck Simulator 2018 gives you robot wars & rescuemission like in robot rescue bots or robot rescue games so that youcan rescue robots flying robot firefighter games. This battletrucks best robot game will sharpen your futuristic robot firetruckrescue skills while playing fighting games in the genre oftransforming game.Enjoy great firetruck simulator 3D models inrescue bot games & red firetruck transform robot truck car withrobotic superheroes powers & recue duty. Enhance your shootingskills of futuristic robot fire truck games & transformingsimulator firefighter robot game in future robot wars. Downloadthis rescue robot survival game or robot firetruck games to enjoyeasy & fun gameplay of robot action games & best actiongames.

App Information Robot Firefighter Rescue Fire Truck Simulator 2018

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    Robot Firefighter Rescue Fire Truck Simulator 2018
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    May 30, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Minja Studio
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An all-out epic navy war is upon us. A Russian Navy nuclearsubmarine named Battle Cruiser is assigned to a patrol mission tobe available to launch a torpedo attack in a preemptive strike ifenemy Uboat attempts to fuel its missiles. As the ultimatecommander and chief, you are one of few commanders left in theRussian Navy with combat experience. It is now time to engage inUboat war game and command this Russian submarine in our latestsubmarine simulator: Russian Submarine – Navy Battle Cruiser Combat. Do not let your men down, through torpedo attack, dominate thisepic submarine war and destroy enemy navy battleship and gunshiphelicopter.The Russian submarine, Battle Cruiser, has just receivedan emergency action message, ordering the launch of an epic torpedoattack against the enemy Navy battleship Uboat and gunshiphelicopter, based on radio information that the enemy has decidedto engage in the war game. Before the Battle Cruiser can launch itstorpedo attack, a second radio message begins to be received, butis cut off by the attack of enemy navy battleship. It is time toget serious and take full control of the epic Navy war in oursubmarine simulator war game.Avoid the torpedo attack of rogueelements roaming the waters, steer your Russian submarine andimprove your skills as a submarine war commander. Do not let yourUboat cripple during this ultimate submarine war in our submarinesimulator war game. Aim for rogue navy battleship, maneuver aroundto dodge their attacks and defeat all navy battleships in thisultimate navy war.Download and install Russian Submarine – NavyBattle Cruiser Combat on your Android devices for FREE Features ofRussian Submarine – Navy Battle Cruiser Combat :- Lifelike BattleCruiser Russian Submarine- Incredible underwater environment-Gunship battle and helicopter battle simulation- Go deep underwaterto avoid detection and attack- Machine guns and torpedoes forattack - Realistic sound effects for attack and destroyComing Soon:Battle of Thrones – Castle Black
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Futuristic robot animals free shark games or mech warriors realrobot dinosaurs & robot horse robot wars mech fighting game ofreal robot battles or robot shark bite robot wars are fought withrobot ninjas or robot ninja mech warrior with robo jump & robotgun with robot in the danger zone on robot island in robot sharkgames or robot dragon games but its time to give new look of supershark sniper hero to futuristic shark robot shark simulator withrobot transformation games in best action games or robot actiongames of shark evolution real robot wars. Presenting mech warriorsshark attack games & free shark games for kids robot battlegame of the week: Swat Robot Shark Evolution Wars - Shark TankGames with real robot shooting games for robot fight car transformin shark world of shark shooting games will give you real robot indisguise robot warrior aspect of robot transformation games orfuture robot games with new shark games for free shark robot sharkkiller. In robot battle fate of people is with transforming robotgames who’ll lead group of robot squad & future robot animalslike shark simulator robot transformation games in new robot games& top shark games. Shark fishing games Swat Robot SharkEvolution Wars - Shark Tank Games have attacked the city & yourrobo jump shark evolution futuristic battle combat action skillswith transforming bots with shark bite mech warrior will help youdestroy enemy jet bots in robot wars. Shark simulator or free sharkgames with robot transforming games keeps you fixed on super sharksniper hero robot games & rush for transform robots war sharkis best in robot hero games with best action games or best robotaction games. Our mech wars transform robot games has fly airplane,car transform robot of war, fight with bots, destroy tanks withtransforming cars & robot transforming games skills. Sharkfrenzy of robot ninja sniper robot squad in futuristic city ofrobot fighting games with robo shark hunt gives you vast sharkrobot transform powers for the futuristic robot legends in sharkshooting games & robot dinosaurs game or robot dragon games ofshark world with robot gun robot fight. Evil robots or robotanimals robot dinosaurs have attacked robot war city & futurerobot games or robot dragon games Swat Robot Shark Evolution Wars -Shark Tank Games with car transform robot simulator into sharkrobot games has super shark sniper hero super robot transformationabilities of mech warrior robot evolution. Futuristic battle of carpolice robots robot shark games for free with robot wars &robot ninjas with robo jump to transform in best action games orbest robot action games. Mech wars shark games for kids have begun& robot wars transforming games is the shark attack games orfree shark games. This is not a shark prank or fly bot fighting,but shark robot car transform is ultimate machine build for warshark evolution with robot of war in shark tank on robot island. Infuturistic city transforming robot games you will play levels oftransforming robot games or robot fighting games & robottransformation games. Become the savior of shark frenzy sharkshooting games with real robot fight of swat robot car & supershark robot evolution in transform robots transformation robot gameor robot gun best robot action games. The car transform robotssimulator with war shark robot horse is new shark games for free orbest robot games available to play. Download Swat Robot SharkEvolution Wars - Shark Tank Games to use shark bite & robot gunof robot in the danger zone to win new robot games or top sharkgames of shark simulator & shark attack games. Swat Robot SharkEvolution Wars - Shark Tank Games is shark games for kids withflying robot games & robot ninja with robot battle car robothero game will show you shark world of robot fighting games &best action games of robot with guns. Robot ninja free shark gamesis future of police chase by transforming robots.
OffRoad Cruiser Taxi Simulator 2017 1.1 APK
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Are you a fan of big luxury 4x4 and 6x6 cars and trucks like LandCruiser, Prado, Hummer and Escalade? Are you looking to test yourtaxi driver skills on a 4x4 Prado cruiser? Do you want to become aprofessional cruiser taxi simulator champion? Then download ourlatest Offroad Cruiser Taxi simulator 3D game for free. Enjoy realdriving experience in the 2017 cruiser taxi game and you’re goingto forget all other 4x4 and 6x6 cruiser taxi simulators. Sharpenyour modern taxi driver skills by driving around in a 4x4 crazyPrado cruiser in our offroad land cruiser driver simulator and showoff your expertise as an offroad SUV driver with crazy Prado stuntride and jeep parking. Crazy Prado cruiser is a powerful beast sothis ride will be much faster than your regular taxi simulators andbus simulators; hence you are to be a responsible duty driver andwatch out for oncoming traffic, by standers and complete your taskswithout crashing and burning.Welcome to a snow filled world withgame play full of snowfall and slippery roads in our taxisimulator; Offroad Cruiser Taxi Simulator . You’re not a regularyellow taxi duty driver. You are a high end chauffeur driving aluxury offroad cruiser around the snowy town picking and droppingVIP passengers in 4x4 jeep driving simulation. You’ll be driving onsnow covered rocky roads so that will give you good practice andimprove your offroad driving skills. Offroad Cruiser Taxi Simulatoris all about speed and power. Be a responsible duty driver of thismodern taxi and pick your passengers via your luxury crazy taxi andtransport them to their destination. In this offroad jeep drivingsimulation you will enjoy flavors of 4x4 jeep driving, cruisertransport, jeep parking and offroad driving. Due to slippery roadsyou have to be an extra careful duty driver as the cruiser taximight go out of control.You have already enjoyed many modern taxigames acting as an offroad police car driver and passenger bustransport driver. It’s time to make things real. Get into your 4x4crazy Prado and carefully navigate through the snow filled town toget to your passengers within given time, transport thesepassengers safely to their destination, do jeep parking and thenmove on to pick up your next VIP passenger. You will come acrosschallenging hurdles in the form of luxury bus blocking your way dueto slippery road and traffic coming your way but you being anexpert duty driver behind the wheels of the yellow cab simulator,will have to move around the luxury bus obstacles and oncomingtraffic to complete the levels and move further in cruiser taxisimulator.Familiarize yourself with offroad driving in OffroadCruiser Taxi Simulator by driving as a taxi driver in your modernluxury car for hours. With your crazy taxi car driving completelevels and unlock new colors of your land cruiser in this taxisimulator game.Features of Offroad Cruiser Taxi simulator : -Animated Passengers- Easy to Control Land Cruiser Controls-Passenger Transport, Cruiser Taxi Parking & Taxi DrivingSimulator- Real Life Slippery Roads with Approaching Traffic- MiniMap for Easy Guidance of the Taxi Duty Driver for CompletingMissions- SUV similar to Prado or Land Cruiser with Great Detailfor Enhanced Cab Driver ExperienceIf you have any feedback, pleasedo let us know and we will try our best to incorporate yoursuggestions as an effort towards improving your gaming experience.
Hospital Building Construction Games City Builder 1.2 APK
Minja Studio
Year 2018 is here and best house construction games, hospitalconstruction games or hospital games for kids in construction zoneis here. If you enjoy constructing & building stuff then thisHospital Building Construction Games City Builder is exciting taskbased best construction games or carpenter games offered free toplay offline. You will have flexibility to design & constructhouse building games or build the house maker on your dreamlocation in ultimate machine world simulator. You'll have all toolsessential for house builder game township mobile & you’ll workyour mind work on hospital construction simulator in this carpentergames or house building craft games in construction zone. Youmust've played building construction games, town craft games, citybuilding games and bridge builder games but our hospital games forfree or home building games is unique with detailed constructionsim experience. We'll give you feel of town craft games & helpyou build your own hospital town ship. Dream house craft &build hospital simulator in best house construction games or houseconstruction simulator create your own hospital games. Unlike otherfree construction games or construction site games in this homebuilder games you will play with construction vehicles &construction crew to finish house construction simulator inHospital Building Construction Simulator - Township City BuilderGame 2018 or Hospital construction hospital games for kids. Createyour own hospital house building craft games in hospital games freeconstruction city are lesser construction site games but we’ll giveyou the taste of construction crew & construction vehicles likesand excavator in construction zone, construction truck, towercrane operator & cement truck games. In free hospital games youwill have a construction site & construction tools withconstruction crew. You will operate construction vehicles like sandexcavator in construction zone & construction truck, towercrane operator or heavy excavator cement truck games to constructhospital builder task in citybuilding games of construction city.City building games give you some construction experience but bestconstruction experience is only existing in Hospital BuildingConstruction Simulator - Township City Builder Game 2018. Youmust've played a lot of games on uphill city construction &tunnel construction simulator or road construction games &bridge builder but this town craft games is best hospital buildinggames or best house construction games of the year. Constructioncrew, construction vehicles & construction parts control inhome building games or home builder games will give you chance tobuild your own hospital. In ultimate construction zone of freeconstruction games you can dream house craft and build house township. Drive bulldozer in big city game township mobile & finishhospital house construction contact given to you. You are the townbuilder so enjoy house construction sim or hospital simulator withcarpenter games & carpenter simulator. Building materials,construction vehicles, construction crew including house buildinggames, cement truck games & carpenter games in ultimate newhouse building games with carpenter simulator has flexibility ofusing construction crew, construction vehicles & constructionparts or construction tools to enjoy extra benefit in finalizinghospital building construction games or house construction gameswith building sim building games in construction zone. Let this beyour best experience of best house building craft games to makeyour own hospital. Download Hospital Building Construction GamesCity Builder & enjoy free to play game of the week where youcan create your own hospital.Features of Hospital BuildingConstruction Simulator - Township City Builder Game2018Construction crew, construction vehicles & constructiontools to create your own hospitalHouse building & hospitalconstruction flexibility in free hospital games
Advanced Muscle Robot Car Transform Games 2018 1.0.2 APK
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Enjoy futuristic robot battlebots mech fighting game or battle botsrobot battles with robot cars & muscle car robot adventureswith high damage super abilities like superhero car? In todaysworld of robot transforming games muscle cars will fight worldrobot war with fly bot. Its time to drive battlebots futuristic carrobot mission games & enjoy a dimension of battle bots robottransformation of American muscle cars in best action games orrobot action games with robot wars. We present our top cop USpolice chase game of the week with ultimate machine: AdvancedMuscle Robot Car Transform Games 2018 in the realm of muscle cartransform robot games or robot car robot warrior for flying robottransforming cars. Enjoy robot adventures car robot superhero facetof best robot games & future robot games. Advanced Muscle RobotCar Transform Games 2018 is cars battle games where mankind is inthe grip of transforming robot games who’ll manage robot squad& future robot car transformation. Monster robot superhero haspounce on your city & your top cop futuristic battle combataction skills with transforming car bot games abilities will helpyou finish enemy jet bots in robot wars. Muscle car robot simulatorwill keep you engaged in flying car robot games & the rush oftransform robot car is best in this robot hero games with bestaction games & best robot action games. Mech wars best robotgames include car transform robot, fly airplane, destroy tanks& transforming cars skills. Hero robot battle in car transformbots in futuristic city gives you extreme muscle car transformpowers for futuristic car robot superhero car. Airplane robot forcar transform is the best robot games with combat action &rescue. US police transform in best robot game is a grand cityrescue mission with flying car robot. Mech warrior robot police cartransformation games with US police chase is the best epic battleof future times. Save your world from evil robots in flying robotgames & shooting robot games. Play Advanced Muscle Robot CarTransform Games 2018 burnout your tires for nonstop action onwheels! Battlebots robot war city is beset by evil robots. Enjoysuper robot transformation games with mech warrior robot in futurerobot games with battlebots muscle car transform robot simulator.Futuristic battle US police transform robot car has robot wars& ultimate car transform in best action games & best robotwar games. Mech wars mech warriors mission has started & robotwars transforming games are best robot games. Fly bot fighting isout & futuristic flying car simulator games like Americanmuscle car transform is ultimate machine build for war.Transforming robot games of futuristic flying car simulator gamesin futuristic city have missions for transforming robot games orcar robot games & shooting cars robot games. Be the top cop ofthe air police force in extreme flying robot car robot simulator toshoot down metal wings as transforming car in mech fighting game.Smooth controls of robot car & car robot squad in transformrobots best action games or best robot action games. Car transformrobots simulator of futuristic flying car bot is the best US policechase police robot games. This battle bots car robot hero game willgive you taste of fighter robot games with robotic superheroes inworld of flying robot games. US police chase car robot transforming& battlebots monster robot helicopters makes you transformrobots to fight jet robot battle as top cop with warrior robot.Futuristic robot wars are here so download this game of the weekwith best action games or best robot action games to enjoy robotwars free game. War robot free game is the future of the policechase by transforming robots. Smooth controls of mech warriorrobots not seen in robot transforming games Super sounds &visual effects of flying robots unlike car robot games Futuristictransforming cars & muscle car transform animation
Bridge Builder - Construction Simulator 3D 1.0.7 APK
Minja Studio
Introducing the latest 2017 construction simulator game in theseries of river road builder and bridge construction simulatorseries: Bridge Builder - Construction Simulator 3D . DownloadBridge Builder - Construction Simulator 3D for FREE on your androiddevices. Learn and implement expert engineering and driving skillsin the construction simulator using construction machines likeharbor crane & dumper truck. After heavy excavator work, it’stime to put the pieces of this puzzle in place to complete thebridge. Become a master bridge builder and complete tasks inlimited time frame.This bridge construction simulation gamesfulfills your dream of driving and controlling heavy excavatorsimulator pro vehicles including heavy harbor crane, constructiontruck, dumper truck, sand excavator & road roller. You have thechance to play this bridge constructor free simulator and become agreat city builder. Work the heavy harbor crane to test yourconstruction worker skills. Heavy excavator simulator pro work isfinished, now drive the dumper truck, construction truck, sandexcavator and the harbor crane to become a super bridge builder.Main objective of the bridge construction simulator game is tobuild a bridge over a river to connect two parts of city. As abonus objective, you’re to fly a helicopter to build an air bridgebetween two buildings. City building projects authority is countingon you. Download this bridge constructor free game and build a roadand connect city parts over the river & connect buildings viaan air bridge. Play our road construction games and you won’t beable to stop. Experience the fun of driving a construction truck,harbor crane, sand excavator & dumper truck. Become an expertcity bridge constructor by navigating through this bridgeconstruction simulator as fast as you can. If you’ve already playedour Airport Road Bridge Constructor free Simulator, then you’realready an expert in handling heavy excavator simulator pro, towercrane, road roller, sand excavator and construction truck. In thisgame you can once again drive these construction vehicles and enjoyrealistic graphics that will give you a real life feel. Enjoy thebeautiful metropolis environment with river and skyscrapers whileyou play this road construction games. You’ll also get toexperience heavy machinery handling through smooth steering andeasy controls.In our bridge builder game you will be doing riverroad construction hence strengthening the city through improvinginfrastructure. The main theme of this river road builder gameorbits around the bridge you are going to build over the river andconnect parts of the city by using the harbor crane andconstruction truck. You have to block the water with concrete slabsso that concrete pillars can be placed underneath the riverroad.There is bonus objective surprise for you in this game! Areyou a fan of driving a tourist transport ship? You think you are achampion at flying a transport helicopter? Have you enjoyed cruisertransport? Do you find flying a criminal transport aeroplane fun?Then in Bridge Builder - Construction Simulator 3D there will atreat for you. You will get to fly a helicopter and transport airbridge parts and install them between buildings. This additionaltask will add the flavor of transport games and also the fun offlying a helicopter. Easy game controls will help you complete yourtasks this heavy duty construction game.Features of Bridge Builder- Construction Simulator 3D : - Seamless Construction SimulatorGame- Challenging Heavy Crane Handling - Improved 3D Graphics-Super Duper Realistic Sounds- Real-time Physics Controls forDriving Heavy Vehicles- Exciting Missions with Time Limits- SmoothControls and Fun Game Play.
Sand Excavator Crane Transforming Robot Games 1.1 APK
Minja Studio
Test real construction skills in combination of best robot gamesusing fighting mech warriors while doing uphill city construction.Best action games & best robot games with robot transformationwill help you overcome trials of driving heavy machinery with heavyexcavator crane & fighting future robot fighter like mechfighting games. Continuing on our construction vehicles games likeairport road builder & bridge builder - construction simulator,Minja Studio presents its game of the week in the segment of heavyexcavator simulator pro game uniting it with robot superheroes infuture robot games called Sand Excavator Crane Transforming RobotGames Simulator. City construction site game brings variety ofconstruction vehicles like road builder and sand excavator trucks,excavator crane robot, backhoe, dumper truck & stone crusherwith missions plus shooting robots like in monster robot games& mech warrior games where robot warrior transforms into heavyexcavator crane fighting machine. Clear the path for cityconstruction site by acting as a construction crane hill driver& crane operator & drive dumper truck. Robot warrior &mech warriors excavators require expertise of excavator cranerobot, truck driver & transforming robot war to fight robotlike in flying robot game and best action games or best robotfighting games. Be master of handling these robot machines likeother airbot or flying robot game & fulfill you goal ofbecoming a constructor by playing our real construction heavyexcavator game & get the flavor of shooting game by doing superrobot transformation & mech battle in the best combat actiongames You have past experience of driving bulldozer simulator,being heavy crane operator & using dumper truck from airportroad builder & bridge builder – construction simulator games;Sand Excavator Crane Transforming Robot Games Simulator brings youall sort of road construction trucks for river sand excavator,excavator crane robot, tree cutter machine & off road cranecity construction challenges. With ur past experience of playingrussian robot submarine transformation games & future robotgames & mech fighting games by performing robot transformationof super robots in mech battle robot transforming games; SandExcavator Crane Transforming Robot Games; will give you the chanceto enjoy fighting robot games & mech warrior games by flyingairboats & shooting down evil robots. Try city builder gameplus fly robot games or flying robot simulator & experience thefun of construction city simulator & transform robot games orbest robot games. You’ll need to test sand excavator parking,transform robots, robot machines heavy crane excavator operatingskills in best robot fighting games or best robot action gamesbetter than airbot games Showoff your heavy excavator simulator proskills as you complete different challenges as a heavy equipmentoperator controlling different construction vehicles like excavatorcrane robot, dumper truck, backhoe, sand excavator with theaddition of robot transformation 2018. You already have river sandexcavator, city construction & road builder knowledge from ourprevious city construction heavy excavator simulator games. Thisheavy excavator simulator pro game is different as it is made toenhance sand excavator, road construction and robot fighting gamesplus best robot games. Take control of heavy excavator simulatorpro & river sand excavator robot machines in uphill cityconstruction and shoot down evil robots & mech warriors. Enjoycontrols of heavy excavator dumper truck, stone crusher andconstruction crane Features of best robot fighting games: SandExcavator Crane Transforming Robot Games Simulator Fun missionsfrom robot fighting games Smooth sand excavator crane controlsSmooth controls of mech warrior robots Sand excavator craneanimation from best robot games Super sounds & visual effectsof flying robots Interesting missions unlike other excavator robotgames
Russian Submarine - Robot Transformation Games 1.4 APK
Minja Studio
In a post-apocalyptic world of mech wars and robot war game you arean evil robot transformation maker and disgruntled submarine robotman scientist who used to work for the government and wanted toconquer the world. But your revolutionary ideas for best robotgames were rejected and you were disbanded for life. You haveidentified robot man people in the black market who deal inexperimental best robot games parts. You have to go meet with themto collect evil robots parts in order to assemble your megatransforming robot mech warrior called war machine submarino. Useyour offroad truck to meet with these black market dealers to gethold of mega robot parts and assemble your war machine and make themost out of mech wars best robot games. Once you have assembledyour futuristic robot that transforms into a Russian Submarine inthis transforming simulator the government asks for your help as anall-out epic navy war is upon the world. Your Russian Navy nuclearsubmarine bot named Battle Cruiser is assigned the task to beavailable to launch a torpedo attack in a pre-emptive strike ifenemy evil robot man and Uboat attempts to fuel their mech warsmissiles in this underwater games unlike any other flying robotgame. As the ultimate commander & chief, you are one of fewcommanders left in this post apocalyptic world of Russian Navyrobot war game with combat experience in super robot wars. It istime to engage in Uboat war game and play this Russian submarine –Robot Transformation Games in our latest submarine simulator:Russian submarine – Robot Transformation Games in a series ofunderwater games and u-boat robot marine games. Do not let your manarmy down, through torpedo attack, dominate this epic robot battlesubmarine war and destroy enemy navy battleship, air bots andbattle cruiserThe Russian submarine robot transforming simulatormech warrior, Battle Cruiser submarino, has just obtained anemergency strike message, ordering the launch of an epic torpedoattack through robot transformation against the enemy Navybattleship Uboat and air bots in mech wars best robot games. Basedon radio info enemy has decided to participate in the war game andepic battle simulator. Before the robot transformation BattleCruiser can launch its torpedo attack, a second wireless messagebegins to be acknowledged, but is cut off by the attack of enemynavy battleship and air bots in best underwater games. It is timeto get serious and take full control of the epic Navy war andu-boat epic battle simulator in our robot transformation simulatorsubmarine simulator war game unlike any other flying robotgame.Avoid the heavy torpedo attack of mech wars rogue assault byevil robots roaming the waters, steer your Russian submarine robottransformation machine and improve your skills as a submarine warcommander and as a robot fighter in super robot wars. Do not letyour Uboat robot man and mega robot hero cripple during thisultimate submarine war in our submarine simulator war game androbot transformation games. Aim for evil robots navy battleship,move around to dodge their attacks and defeat all navy battleshipsin this futuristic battle simulator and ultimate navy war of theworldsFeatures of Russian Submarine - Robot TransformationGames:Lifelike Battle Cruiser Russian Submarine with amazing 3Drobot transformation animationSmooth execution of transformingRussian submarine in mech warrior gamesFuturistic robot fightinglike air bots during mech warsIncredible underwater and cityenvironmentOffroad truck driving simulator to collect robot partswith futuristic laserExcellent robot hero assembly animation withlaserU-boat gunship battle and hand to hand battle simulationbetween evil robots and robot heroGo deep underwater to attack theevil robot man and enemy gunshipsMachine guns and torpedoes forRussian submarine attack Realistic sound effects for mech warriorsattack and destroy